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New grensons are in gentlemen

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Message Preview Gentlemen, our short awaited shipment of Grenson shoes has arrived, I will have them catalogued and photographed for all to view by Saturday morning around 11AM. Please feel free to call me after 11 Saturday morning if anyone is interested in the styles that will be available. Visit the new stock at the following address: http://www.benniesshoes.com/grenson.htm Please understand, the styles currently in place until Saturday are the old stock and do not represent a full in stock availability. I promise to do my best at having a full representation for each size, we did however not get anything new below an 8 1/2 US. 770-955-1972 Chris Benniesshoes.com
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us poor small footed people.
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i should have all of the new stock pics ready by 10 am saturday, then i am going to reshoot the photos of the remaining old stock so we should be close to updated ...thanks...if you can hold off calling me until 10 or so saturday, i think everyone will benefit more with the updates i am trying to provide.
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looks like the new pics are up - some beautiful shoes.   unfortunately not much new in 7.5D and 8D.   besides, i've already ordered 2 pairs and have to resist temptation. if there is one shoe that i have regret about not having in my size, its the #16 in 8.5 - a stunning shoe imho. as an aside, i must say you have gotten a lot better at digital photography chris
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I've been checking out Grenson masterpiece shoes on the pediwear site, and according to them, all of their Grenson shoes have a F fitting (from what I understand is equivalent to a US E or EE width). Bennies shoes, on the other hand, lists all of their sizes in the D width. Are Bennies' Grensons manufactured specifically for an American market?
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I asked the same question two days ago, but don't have a definitive answer as of yet. Paul Stuart website also shows their Grensons to be a "D" width including "Pediwear" shoe models that have an "F" last. From all the posts, the Grensons reflect American sizing. I take an "F" fitting in the British shoes and ordered an "E" width from Bennies.
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Just bought #14 for use as a funky casual shoe:  http://benniesshoes.com/DSC00063.JPG I love the color, at least from the photo, and I like the fact that its a double sole w/ storm welt. I am concerned however that the rather large outsole may make the shoe a bit clownish looking. Last year I purchased a discounted pair of Church's Shannons in black, with a similar looking sole, and then returned them for the aforementioned reason. Perhaps the color difference in part may make the Grenson's appear less cloddish than the Church's. We shall see. edit: Rob @ Bennies informed me that these shoes are indeed from the masterpiece line, though there seems to be some doubt as to how this may be ascertained. Any new info in this regard, beyond what Jf/Ken has surmised?
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By the time the new photos had been posted, they had sold out of the only model I wanted in my size.   I'm crossing my fingers for new stock, or a return...
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