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Consignment/Thrift Shops in Chicago?

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Can someone recommend any good high-end consignment stores in the city of Chicago, as well as any must-see thrift stores?
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Vman, you are the King of the Thrifts.

I thought that you are in the Chicago area! Aren't you?
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Sort of, but I haven't ever hit any thrifts or consignment shops in the city itself.
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I second that!

Gurnee has been good lately, but there has to be more.
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Any updates regarding Chicago consignment/thrifts? I know that there's a good consignment place on 2465 Lincoln Avenue (just north of Fullerton) called Elliot Consignment - the one time that I was there, I saw a number of bespoke Italian and English suits that were made for the same bloke (all the right touches - pick stictching around the lapels and pockets, functioning sleeve buttons, etc.).
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I seem to recall the suburb of Arlington Heights had a number of higher end consignment shops.
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Where in Arlington Heights?
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Lake Forest has a couple of shops, one being the hospital thrift. The North Shore (LF, HP, Glencoe, Kenilworth, etc..) would seem to be fertile ground.
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I couldnt tell you specifically. My cousin used to live right off the Arlington Heights exit, and several times visiting him I spent a day or so exploring the area. So they would have been off Arlington Heights road within a few miles of 90/94.

At the time I was looking for ceiling fans, not clothes, so I didnt pay them much attention.
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