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Ordering jantzen shirts

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Hi everyone, I'm getting ready to order some shirts from Jantzen Tailors (I'm very excited) and I thought I'd get some feedback on the selections I'm eyeing. If you like them, tell me. If you don't like them, tell me too. Am I right to think that a lot of the styles I've chosen resemble fabrics that Zegna tends to use? Also, I have this crazy idea. For all my shirts, now and in the future, I'm thinking of specifying two buttons on the collar, with the button holes and the button stitching done in red. Is this a good way to personalize your shirts or is this plain tacky? I would appreciate your opinions very much -- be harsh on me if you need to.
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Go for it.
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i like all of them except for the brown/blue combination.
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vero_group said:
Go for it.
Thanks for your encouragement, vero-group. When you say "go for it", do you mean the fabrics, the red thread idea, or both? :-)
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Gregory:  Most important is that you think that the patterns and colors that you've chosen are attractive.  Personally, I do like your choices. If this is your first Jantzen order, and if I remember correctly, Ricky will limit your first order to one shirt to assure proper style and fit.  If after receiving your first shirt (four to six weeks in my experience), you are satisfied, he will execute an order of any size; however, if it is determined after wearing and laundering that minor modifications are needed, these can be communicated to Ricky and included in subsequent orders.   I was impressed with the quality of my first Jantzen shirt, but found a couple of things that I chose to change on my second order. Good luck with your order.  I'm confident that you'll be very satisfied with the quality of Jantzen fabrics and construction.
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I just ordered another shirt from Jantzen with three major adjustments in fit: - Getting the tight fit instead of form, because even the form-fitting fit was too baggy at the back for me - Getting the french cuffs smaller for my thin wrists - Getting higher armholes So if this shirt comes out ok, I'm going to order a bunch more. I hope the fabrics I have my eye on don't go out of stock
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Alais:  My experience with HK shirts is that they tend to be cut small.  My first Jantzen shirt order included a measurement for a 16.5 " collar, which was exactly the measurement of the first delivered shirt.  As you know, most shirtmakers add approximately 1/3 " to the stated collar size to allow for shrinkage: Ricky didn't add this allowance.  Has this been your experience? I self-launder my shirts and consequently don't worry much about shrinkage.  The shirts that I've ordered with a 16.5" collar fit perfectly, and will no doubt continue to do so; however, were I to develop a notion to use a commercial dry cleaner, I might have subsequent fit problems.
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Well, I asked for a 14.25" collar size (because that's how I measured it, with a tape measure and two fingers stuck between it and my neck) and my shirts with that size fit perfectly; I can still stick my fingers between my neck and the collar with minimal discomfort. I think the online order form advises you to measure your collar size this way. I also handwash my shirts, so I don't really have much experience with how the collar shrinks and all. So, if your collars fit to perfection now, they will most likely shrink and strangle you later on with a commercial cleaner. The next Jantzen shirt you order should have your collar measurement with the extra 1/3" or so included, or you can just measure it with the method described above.
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