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Is this watch real?

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....05&rd=1 Any perspectives? Looking for a watch in this range, probably something vintage. Other suggestions welcomed.
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your best bet is to here and ask watch people. http:\\www.watchUseek.com
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post on www.timezone.com, probably the best resource for this.
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Yes, that appears to be the real thing.  Nobody would fake that screwed back, seller has a lot of feedback, price is right, markings are correct.  Jaeger was making quartz watches then to stay afloat.  If you send it to Jaeger for service it will cost a bundle, so have a decent watchmaker replace the battery by removing those screws.   It's probably worth around what it's selling for now, not a lot more.  I suspect it is a pretty small case, maybe 32-34 mm, so it is for a smallish wrist. This is not a vintage watch, nor a vintage look. You ought to look for a 1960's Omega for a nice classic look, or even a late 50's vintage Rolex.
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Better yet, a Patek.
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