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Sent an email as I won't be at a computer today redface.gif
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@cyc wid it Replied earlier today. Hope you got all the information you needed.

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Fall-Winter 2016-17 deliveries have begun:



Stephan Schneider's fall-winter 2016-17 collection is now available at Suspension Point.


Stephan Schneider’s fall-winter 2016-17 collection, titled “Fragments Of A Home”, is inspired by the designer’s childhood home. Specifically, after having rediscovered some long forgotten oil paintings, Stephan painted over the canvases to give them a dark, moody, and mysterious feel. The clothing and (as always with Stephan Schneider) the fabrics take this theme and showcase layered effects, rich colors, and patterns that are at once intricate yet subtle.


Shop the collection at


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fml, the thinner jacket in size 4 is gone. are you guys getting any more in your second delivery? i assume not but wanted to check anyway

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@javy Unfortunately not. The Jacket Thinner has proven to be quite popular. We will have our second delivery of Stephan Schneider online soon (along with many other labels as well). 

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Jan-Jan Van Essche Project #4 is now available at Suspension Point.


For Project #4, titled Each One Teach One, Jan-Jan Van Essche contemplates reconstruction and renewal as a creative (and spiritual) process. He celebrates the past while continuing to move forward. A major influence is Boro, a traditional Japanese technique of embroidery patchwork repair, which the designer has re-interpreted into his own vision.


Shop the collection at


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Originally Posted by cyc wid it View Post

Looking really beautiful and substantial. Stephen Schneider at his best smile.gif
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^ Got the same piece and love it
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Had the pleasure to visit SP last week while on business.  Joseph & Ian were very welcoming, and walked me through all the collections.  They have a great little space in Old Montreal (by appointment only), and really are passionate about the brands they sell.  


Finally nice to get some clarity on some SS sizing, which is exactly what I was after.  There are a few brands in house, not online yet that were intriguing.  But I'll let them spill that.   



Overall a great experience, and nice to see another Canadian option offering us stuff we don't typically see up here.    



And whoever ordered that SS Film coat in the basket weave.....  damn.....

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@CanadaCal Glad you stopped by! Hope your purchase helps keep you warm this winter!

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Craig Green fall-winter 2016-17 is now available at Suspension Point.


For his fall-winter 2016-17 collection, Craig Green explores the dichotomy between restriction and release. This results in garments that are both conceptual and utilitarian while allowing the wearer the freedom to adjust them through various straps and ties. To make them feel right. To make them feel individual. Echoing this theme are the fabrics, transformed by the designer from luxurious into utilitarian and vice-versa.


Shop the collection at





And more collections will be online soon!

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Is there another Schneider drop upcoming?
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And new Lemaire?
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whoa one question at a time bro
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