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Damn that robe coat looks cozy
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We need a fire icon.
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OMG, I can't believe you're stocking 22/4 Hommes! Amazing. My favorite collection from this Fall!! Although I didn't see those amazing trompe l'oeil jacket capes in your buy...
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The plum 22/4 shirt is dope, do you have to wear the collar like that or can you put it down?

And wander burgundy jacket is fucking great, sup with the tag?
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FW15-16 sale:



The Suspension Point sale starts now! 30% off fall-winter 2015-16 collections.


All prices in Canadian dollars (CAD). Take advantage of great exchange rates at the moment for additional savings.




We have also recently launched our final FW15-16 collection: House Of The Very Island's


Founded in 2006, Karin Krapfenbauer and Markus Hausleitner design the Vienna based House Of The Very Island’s Club Division Middlesex Klassenkampf But The Question Is Where Are You, Now? (House Of The Very Island’s for short or HOTVI for shorter). Behind the rather long name there is a dynamic, experimental team that often works with local artists, musicians, and filmmakers. These collaborations result in garments that combine effortless wearability with innovative patternmaking and modern silhouettes. In addition, the designers make sure to use ecological and organic materials as well as sustainable production methods. Importantly, for a label whose name ends with a question mark, this focus on social consciousness invites further discourse.



Shop the collection HERE (all prices are in Canadian dollars)




@baklanyc 22/4 Hommes is a label we're excited about. It definitely does a take on luxe minimalism that is all it's own. Although we don't have the capes from this collection there are quite a few styles that are exclusive to Suspension Point.


@jet Thanks V. Although the collar on the 22/4 Hommes shirt is designed to be worn up, it can be folded (I've tried it), but it may not sit as smoothly as a regular collar in that position as the fabric is doubled for the covered placket closure.


The triangle tag on certain And Wander styles is their signature. On the outerwear it uses reflective printing for added night visibility (which is why it comes out looking a little brighter in photos than it is in real life). It tends to signify that that particular garment is amongst the label's more high performance oriented styles (although not always).

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Damn, hesitated on Bless and now it's gone. there are so many cool outerwear pieces this season though.

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Suspension Point is currently in Paris for the fall-winter 2016-17 menswear fashion week.


For those who are awaiting our curated pre-order selections...the pre-orders will be available as soon as we return from Paris (next couple days). If you are interested in learning more please email to be added to our list!


We are posting exclusive behind-the-scenes Paris images on our Instagram (like the one below from the finale of the Lemaire FW16-17 runway show)...


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Suspension Point's pre-order for Stephan Schneider's fall-winter 2016-17 collection is now available!


We've put together a few of our favorite looks that showcase this season’s themes / fabrics / showpieces (it was quite difficult to narrow it down as this season's color palette and fabrics are great).


Deadline: February 6th, 2015 (End of the day)


The prices include a 20% pre-order discount and Canadian orders qualify for a bonus offer (no taxes). Prices are in CAD (Canadian) dollars so take advantage of great exchange rates.


To access the full private pre-order offering / selection click HERE.


To place and order and any / all inquiries please email


You can also find out more on our Styleforum pre-order page.


Note: If you cannot access the mobile version of the pre-order page please email us at the above address. We are working to resolve the issue.


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Is the "sand" colour for the wheatstacks the same as the biege option for the jackets? Obv different composition, but is the colour pretty much the same?

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The "sand" is a little darker (and, as you mentioned, a different composition), but a similar tone.


If you take a look at the lookbook photo (below) you can see that fabric on the turtleneck worn underneath a coat in the beige color-way.


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So good.
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Thank you! I wanted to wait for Lemaire pre-orders but might get one of the knits.
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@OccultaVexillum The looks / selections from Lemaire are coming very soon, but if you are interested in any particular styles from the runway show you can send us an email and we'll be happy to help you further!

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The "Gesso" trousers look very intriguing indeed. Reminds me of the Plaid Score Coat from last year's (this current season FW15) collection. The description describes them being slightly relaxed, they do seem to be more relaxed than the other trousers. I'm quite keen.
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