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And I just got one of the extra-long ties-- no seven-fold construction or anything that would change your waist measurement, but very nice indeed.  As a benchmark, for anyone who's ordered from Carlo Franco, this seem to be very much comparable.  My tastes run more to the English than the flagrantly Italian end of the scale, so I'll be cautious about picking and choosing.  I'd say, however, that if you're inclined to like any of the designs you will not likely be disappointed in the construction or value for money aspects. And please keep the extra-longs coming.  There can't be too many of those in this world.
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Hey guys I just wanted to add a little tidbit into here. A while back I was looking to buy a good quality, stylish (everything everyone looks for at this forum? Yes.) Suit. I am a small guy so I need a 34 size suit. Impossible to find. Yeah, I could buy 34R suits off eBay all day for $20 a pop but that's not what I wanted. So I looked around and saw the FIH carried a lot of items in 34R, especially suits. I was pretty damned surprised and happy. After reading a little on FIH, It seemed to me that the stuff John sells ain't too bad I inquired about the suits and how I didn't know if a 34R or 36S would fit. After much e-mailing back and forth (hes fast..5min between emails and he's not even in the shop) He allowed me to pick out 2-3 suits to send to me, as well as an assortment of shirts and ties. Anything I didn't like I can send back. Let me tell you, he sent me a shit load of stuff. Anyways, I picked out this suit, http://www.fourinhand.com/Product.as...oduct=PDS04-07 And it looks fabulous. I also kept this shirt http://www.fourinhand.com/Product....ZUR-156 , a standard white shirt, this tie http://www.fourinhand.com/Product.as...oduct=A34393-2 As well as one I can't seem to find on the site. Down to the point, everything is top notch, I love the suit. John gave me a nice discount on everything which I'm glad for. Awesome products and well as great customer service (A rarity these days). I highly recommend anyone to try something out from him. PS. And to tell you how small I am, the suit was a 34R and I had the length shorted an inch as well as the jacket brought in about 2 inches.
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I'll add my plug for Jon and FourInHand here as well.  I purchased a shirt and two ties.  My untrained eye can add the following to what's already been said: White chevron shirt.  Beautiful luster; nice buttons, and I agree that the natural color on the back of the buttons showing through is a nice touch.  The slim fit is better than most, but not quite up to my 9-10" drop.  According to FIH, the difference between 'slim' and 'full' fits is mostly in the shoulder rather than through the body.  Just wish it were available in a french cuff. Rose 4 Fold tie.  Love it.  The silk is a sumptious as anything I've handled, and it feels like there's about a pound of it.  Wasn't my first choice of color, but ended up looking fantastic. Ecru tie.  Very nice.  From the new collection, to help whet some appetites .  Self tipped, nice thick lining.  As a point of reference, sells for about the same as a Jerry Garcia tie (ugh). Knitwear.  I ended up not buying one because of the styling, not the quality.  Very nice merino; I'm in the camp that prefers it to cashmere.  Beautifully classic, great quality.  I'm just not in the market for a classic sweater right now. Customer service.  Second to none.  Jon worked with me across two continents and then three states back home.  Very helpful with sizing and styling and recommendations. Sent me a big box of stuff to sort through over a weekend.  All in all, great purchasing experience.  Thanks. Tom
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OK - My turn to give kudos to Jon and the Four In Hand merchandise. Two weeks ago, during the brief forum outage and in the depths of my withdrawals from this group, I decided to take a better look at the items Jon offers at his site. To be honest, I hadn't bothered before, because my office does not require me to wear a tie, and purchasing another tie that would just hang in my closet is just a waste of money. However, in looking at the site, I realized that Jon also sells knitwear. Now, I personally love to wear mock turtleneck sweaters with a suit or sportcoat. So I e-mailed Jon to ask him about the sizing on his sweaters (because he uses that darn European sizing - and since I'm not European I don't know how many stone I weigh or how many meters tall I am   ) His responses via e-mail and then in our phone conversations were extremely helpful and his follow-up was tremendous. I eventually ordered the burgundy mock-neck in Merino wool and am extremely pleased with the sweater I received. Thanks to Jon's expert assistance, I purchased a size that fits perfectly - not too tight and not too bulky, but one that works as a shirt and fits great under a suit coat. The quality and construction of the sweater are excellent and can only be compared to items I have seen retailing for at least two times the price. I have received compliments from both my wife and female co-workers on the sweater and am very happy with my purchase. In addition, Jon followed up after the purchase to ensure that I remained happy with the item and it's clear that had there had been any problems, he would have worked to resolve them quickly. In short, if you are considering a purchase from Four In Hand, I would highly recommend it. Bradford
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I'll chip in as well. I thought I'd try one of Jon's ties while the exchange rate was good. I went for the bordeaux small dot tie - clearly a popular choice as the seven fold version of it has sold out...  I settled for the four fold and I think it's great: nice colour, ties a perfect knot, feels substantial, hangs well and yet is surprisingly light. Jon was extremely communicative and helpful throughout, and very kindly offered to extend the period in which he'd accept returns when I confessed that this was my first foray into nice tie territory.  Presumably he knew that they'd be no need.  
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As I had posted previously, FIHTies hand-delivered a dress shirt and tie to my hotel in NYC while I was on my emergency business trip.  Because I literally had no time to leave the my office to buy a shirt (I didn't even have time to leave my building to eat.), and because I had no clean shirts for the following day of my business trip, FIH really bailed me out.   I ended up going with the light blue "tone on tone" shirt, and the navy polka dot tie.  The shirt is described as "cotton pique," but it isn't like a pique polo shirt.  It is a very light (great for spring and summer) fabric that has just a bit of texture to the fabric, but is otherwise similar to a broadcloth fabric.  The "pique" weave made the shirt pretty darn resistant to wrinkling and gave it a love visual texture as well.  The shade of blue is perfect -- vivid enough to give a dark suit some "pop," but in a light enough shade to flatter all skin tones and allow you to pair it with virtually any shade of tie.  The collar and cuffs are pretty good.  Not as substantial as, say, Borrelli.  But they interlinings are high quality and very comfortable against the skin.  I put in a pair of thicker collar stays that I had with me, and the collar when buttoned really lays well and frames the tie perfectly.  Unlike a lot of dress shirts, FIH's shirt collars sit up high and are clearly meant to be worn with a tie, IMO.  Really nice. I went with the size 40 Full.  The "full" description is a little bit misleading.  The shirts are cut on the slimmer side through the chest, and the 40 full had about a 19" shoulder measurement.  FIH told me that the "full" cut shirts have a slightly wider shoulder measurement (and, by extension, a slightly longer shirt sleeve measurement) than the "slim" or "narrow" fit shirts he sells.  Having tried on the 40 slim, I can tell you FIH is correct.  The slim fit shirts also have a slightly shorter hem, but those were the only differences so far as I could tell.   Overall, I found the fit in the chest on the slimmer side (the 40 probably had a 46" chest measurement), and the taper of the shirt was more like a "medium fit."  I'd compare the fit of the FIH shirt to Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts, but with a better fitting (i.e. "higher" and "shallower") armhole.  The sleeve on the 40 full probably runs about 34".   One thing I found great about the shirt was that the wrist circumfrence was cut for a normal wrist, not some thick wristed giant like most RTW shirts.  I have a narrow wrist (6.5") and for that reason alone hate most RTW shirts.  But FIH's shirts are cut perfectly for someone with about a 7" wrist, so they fit me pretty well and I won't have to move any buttons.   The thin MOP buttons are really beautiful.  They aren't paper thin, and they had a bluish hue to them that looked great against the shirt.  The circumfrence of the buttons is smaller than most shirt buttons.  This took me a few minutes to get used to, but your tie is covering the buttons anyways so it's not a big deal.  And, in fact, the smaller buttons are actually quite elegant looking. The quality of the fabric was very good.  Though I haven't seen how it will hold up to repeated washing, I'm pretty confident it will stay soft and comfortable.  Why do I say this?  Well, unlike crappy department store shirts, the FIH shirt fabric did not appear to have been sprayed with loads of "finishing spray" or whatever is used on lower quality fabrics.  So, I'm not worried that the fabric quality was simply an illusion created by chemicals that will come off after a first washing.   As far as collar sizing, FIH shirts run either true to size or a bit tighter.  I prefer a measurement of 15.5" from button to buttonhole.  The FIH size 40 fit me almost perfectly right out of the package.  With the normal shrinkage, I think it will fit like a 15 1/2 (I think a 40 is a 15 3/4, so you might want to consider ordering up one size -- do you agree, FIH?).   As for the tie, I'll be frank and say that the silk on my tie wasn't nearly as luxurious as the silks that Carlo Franco uses.  It's really a night and day difference.  They have a different heft, weight, and sheen.  Of course, the tie I got from FIH only cost $55, about 60% of the cost of one from Chuck.  However, more than making up for the less luxurious silk was how well the tie knotted.  I can honestly say that this tie tied the EASIEST and BEST four-in-hand knot of any tie I currently own.  It tied a fairly thick four in hand -- not quite as thick as most windsor knots, but almost -- and it was easy to get the dimple precisely right on the first try.   I should also mention that I received three compliments on the shirt and tie by my co-workers.   So, all in all, I'd say that FIH delivers a very good value.  If the shirt sleeve size will be right for you and like a "medium" fit (and by "medium," I mean what a custom shirtmaker like Jantzen or WW Chan would call "medium"), I'd recommend trying one of FIH shirts.  And if you like to tie four in hands, give a tie a try too.   Four in Hand's websiteShirt
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(I think a 40 is a 15 3/4, so you might want to consider ordering up one size -- do you agree, FIH?).
Thank you for the kind words, and yes I do agree about your sizing assessment. In fact I agree with most of what you have written here except for the fact that the borelli's are better... For those that missed the original JN3 thread you can get it here and additional comment here Pic of the shirt in discussion...
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Posting feedback on a recent purchase; I recently purchased a tie from FIH and I must say I was very pleased with both the tie and with the entire transaction. I purchased the XL Bordeaux small dot tie http://www.fourinhand.com/Product....C-01-BX (looks like I bought the last one in XL in that color) The color of the tie is a nice deep wine color with what appears to be very faint light blue pin dots and added texture by way of a deep wine color woven box pattern. The tie was a nice medium weight silk with a medium weight liner that ties a beautiful knot. The beauty of knot is also attributed to the shape of the tie, all too often XL ties are not proportioned correctly resulting in a knot that is often too short due to the tie not being wide enough in that part. Jon has a pretty broad collection of 7 -folds however this tie is what he describes as standard construction. Truth is it is anything but standard, it has all the nice features of the very high end tie makers; slip stitching along the spine of the tie & self tipped. John was a pleasure to deal with, going so far as to send me 2 ties as I could not decide between the red and the bordeaux. (BTW the red is beautiful but looks too similar to something I already have). Overall I am very pleased, the tie is very similar in construction and compares or exceeds in quality to my favourite tie makers; Nicky, Bizzochi and Brioni. All this at 1/2 the price of the competition. I am eagerly awaiting his next shipment of XL's to come in shortly.
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ive been curious about his ties as well. Unfortuntately, im too color blind to match them unless i buy them with the shirt as depcited.
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ive been curious about his ties as well. Unfortuntately, im too color blind to match them unless i buy them with the shirt as depcited.
Rumor has it (from a reliable source) that if you send him a picture of the shirt in question he will email you a few options to choose from that he thinks might work.
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Adding my two penny 'orth over here - I just completed a highly satisfactory transaction with Jonathan. I had ordered two ties as gifts, and had scheduling constraints. Jonathan worked with me to ensure that the shipping met my scheduling needs - he even suggested that I go with 3-day select rather than a more expensive method. The ties I had ordered were beautiful - FH-60E in navy and bordeaux - lovely silk and a nice heft to them. All in all, I couldn't be happier with the whole transaction.
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I just purchased another Prandina suit from FIH. Jon was great as usual. I wasn't sure the suit was a dark enough brown. So, he sent me the suit with some ties and a couple shirts for me to look at first. The suit was just what I wanted and I also kept one of the ties. We then discussed it and some other ties so he sent me some more ties, both 7F and 4F. He surprised me with one of them and it was perfect. I kept one 7F and two 4Fs. I sent the rest back in the box he provided with the UPS label. Jon simply gives great service to go along with great products. A dynamite combo.
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