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I'll be there in late June while honeymooning. Starting in Dubrovnik (flying in from Rome), staying a few nights and then staying on the coast for 6 nights (some combo of Dubrovnik, Zadar, Hvar, Sibenik). Maybe a 2-2-2 kind of stay or a 3-3. Not sure.

Are there certain must do/see I should have on my list?
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For two years I traveled to Croatia for vacation and with time I managed to visit and met the most of Croatian coast and Croatian attractions. Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations to visit, primarily because of its walls and the old town, which has preserved the same  since the early days.

The best option for traveling to Croatia for me is the option of car rental or renting taxi croatia that allows you transport from incoming points, such as airport taxi transfers or transfers from bus stations to the destination points and destinations that are planned in your trip. We landed in Zadar and then continued our trip with rent a car to Sibenik, Trogir, Split, Dubrovnik city and Korcula. When we were in cities we moved and traveled through city with taxi services.

My recommendations are visiting any of the above mentioned cities, because all of them have beautiful nature sights. As for the food I would definitely reccomend trying the traditional Croatian cuisine and fish specialties, you will not go wrong with them :)

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I can recommend the tiny island of Silba. Have a browse here for images of the place and a few other croatian destinations.

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Croatia is a beautiful country to visit especially during summer time. I had an opportunity to experience a real summer vacation with the main activities of sunbathing, swimming and lying on the beach, and a totally different type of western ranch holiday offered during summer time in a beautiful expanse of UNESCO protected Velebit nature park. The great thing about this ranch is that it is situated on a half way to all famous south and north croatian touristic destinations, which makes it an ideal choice for one day trip or multiple day visiting and resting in in the heart of the natural haven of Velebit valley. I would recommend this place to all tourists that are in a search for a different, active type of holiday which will engage their body, mind and soul.


Horse riding in Croatia was never more fun and fulfilling. Starting from two hour ride, all day ride to a multiple day of ultimate cowboy adventures and other activities in the nature, you will have the chance to completely forget on all your problems and everyday routine. For all beginners they have organized horse riding school under the supervision of expert teachers and real cowboys. My family and I were really delighted with the whole concept of western ranch holiday, and we would strongly recommend it to all croatian visitors.

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active type of holiday which will engage their body, mind and soul.


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