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I vote for Kalra. Bradford
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Or Master Shake is good too.
It shall be named "Meatwad", and it shall stand, now and forever.
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I think I've learned my lesson pretty well. Thanks, DG
I'm married now and being that AIDS has been around since I've known about sex and been sexually active (I'm 24 now) I would never, ever, ever put myself in such a situation or have taken such a risk. That being said, when you have sex with anyone, even your spouse, you take a risk... Let's hope that you don't have to learn any harder lessons after you get the results of a full STD check....some take longer than others to show up and men often don't display symptoms. It's a bit disconcerting that you made no mention of worrying about STDs in your post, just the possible pregnancy.And the whole not knowing pre-cum thing isn't good either. I'm not coming down on you or anything but at least you have acknowledged the error and more importantly the reasons as to why you didn't use protection in the first place. I suggest you Google STDs/sexual activity and inform/empower yourself with this information before your next sexual experience.
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I'm partial to Master Shake as well.
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So... what shall we name the little bugger?   FIHties: Will you be providing the baby clothes at a discount? He/she will look so good in Armani.
I was actually avoiding this thread till now... With whats going around disease wise and all he is concerned about is the possible kid. (I know silly of me since you know her for at LEAST a couple of weeks...)   First, the Bad news...You're a father...  The "Good" news is that you might not have to worry about it for too many years... Whats scary is that it takes so little grey matter up there to reproduce and spread genes like that around. (Both the act and the posting it) Sorry..No discount to unplanned children... (unless you get a score or more and then we can work on a group discount) JJF
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Actually, the information you have received here is only partially correct.  Pre-ejaculatory fluid only contains sperm if you have ejaculated recently.  I am not entirely sure what timeframe encompasses "recently", but I am fairly certain that if you had ejaculated and then urinated some time between the ejaculation and the sexual intercourse, that the sperm would have been washed away.  The presence of sperm in pre-ejaculatory fluid occurs only when sperm remain in the urethra from previous ejaculations. I hope this has been useful, best of luck with your situation. p.s. You should also consider that the failure rate of withdrawal (when performed correctly) is only seven percent greater than that of condoms (when used correctly). p.p.s. There are also only 12-24 days of the year in which a woman can become pregnant. However sperm can survive in the uterus/fallopian tubes for 7 days.
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As Hopkins_student says, you are probably okay... this time. It's probably good that you're freaked out, but you are more likely to have contracted (or passed) a disease than conceived a child. -Tom
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