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Leather Messenger Bags

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I'm in a market for a stylish but somewhat practical bag and thought that a leather messenger bag is the way to go.

My budget is under $200.

I've seen some nice looking ones at Banana Republic and the ones that are out of my price range on

This one on ebay caught my eyes -
It seems to me they are quality bags according to the ravings reviews on the feedbacks.

Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.
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Looks very nice. Post some pics if you happen to buy it. I'm considering the duffel bag myself
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It looks decent if you don't care about brand names, but for under $200 and leather, your choices are limited. Check out this J Crew bag. You may like it:

Benjamin831, that's a very disturbing avatar!
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that jcrew one looks too bulky to about this one?
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Those bags in the original post have caught my eye as well.

I don't think I'd be happy paying retail for BR/JC quality leather goods.... just my 2 cents though.
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would be great if someone who has that ebay bag can comment on it...i agree retail for those banana or jcrew bags is too much.
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i just bought one from wilson's leather. you should check out their website, they currently have a 20% off thing going on, including free shipping with code 2031. nice leather, but not sure where they are made. i bought it from the store in northgate mall, you should give them a looksee if you like the bags online. leather is VERY soft, and will need protecting from the rain with some kind of leather protector sprays.
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Thread Starter i like that one a lot! unfortunately i don't have a wilsons leather near by to see the i have to make a decision between this one and the handmade ebay one...hmmmmmm
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