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Trench coats

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Saw a nice black wool trench coat on consignment, double breasted, epaulets (I adore epaulets), all the usual trappings. I admit that my knowledge of overcoats is quite poor, and so am wondering if trench coats are still appropriate. Not being near NYC or somesuch I don't get to see dress winterwear all that often. I don't mind sticking out, but there is a limit, and as it is, in a college crowd I stick out enough . Regards, Huntsman
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Take it from a fellow who owns an overcoat wardrobe (I collect the things: there is no cure), trench coats are still tasteful in the extreme. But you must consider style above all, Huntsman. Aquascutum makes a model called the Bogart that incorporates proper elements of design, such as Raglan shoulders and epaulets, caped back yoke, full skirt, and belted waist. Also, important to note that the trad-quotient goes up with fabric color, which is to say that lighter fabrics are simply more standard, since the lighter the color, the more removed one is from potentially messy labor. That said, the garment's military pedigree positively reeks of harsh conditions and rugged excess...you decide what matters above all. When I was young, long ago, a gentleman wore a light color because it was obvious that he could use the thing and still afford to get it cleaned. Such idiotic concerns are no longer part of our world, and you are now free to express yourself at will. A black trench coat is more of a cool hipster accessory than an old duffer like me could manage, but you are young and the world is your oyster. I wear a twenty-year-old off-white Aquascutum that has aged gracefully, though it has required mending, including the addition of piping at the cuffs, and a new Bemberg lining in the sleeves. Regards, Jack
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Trench coats manage to be chic, and classically stylish. Which is no easy task.
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Sounds good, I'll take it then. Thanks. Regards, Huntsman
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Always sylish. Baracuta (are they still in business?) used to make one that was a pip.
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