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Most poorly run ebay auction right now

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There is a real dolt with a couple of great Brooks Brothers auctions going on on Ebay. He's got a Greenfield Golden Fleece (cream check base with light blue windows) in a 38R and a "Custom" 40R that is charcoal with light blue pins. They are both BIN for $180.. This guy has provided no measurements really, and he doesn't even know how to measure (so don't bother asking him -- he will give incorrect info). But, I got some pictures from him and based on mathmetical calculations utilizing the spacing of the patterns, the suits should run true to store sizing. I don't have links, but just do a search for Brooks Brothers CUstom and Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece suit. Someone should buy these.
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OK, that one may be pretty bad, but I have to extend my vote for this seller. This Saxon Hawk suit ("suite") caught my eye: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....00&rd=1 Notice that the suit sits on a deck that apparently was just used to clean a bunch of cod or bluefish (then hosed off, one hopes). Make sure to check out her other auctions -- the worst, most careless auctions I've ever seen. Quite odd actually, as if she really doesn't want to sell the items, or something.? Some of the misspellings are pretty funny too -- this person's a bona fide illiterate.
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johnny, I've purchased a number of things from Dan. I'm not affiliated with his auctions, but he's quick to ship things and is very willing to take close-up shots of the items he is selling. I had a suit I purchased that wasn't quite the right color. He refunded not only my purchase price, but shipping going to and from as well. I would highly recommend him.
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Don't get me wrong -- he's a very good guy. He responded to my queries immediately and with more pics. The thing is he just doesn't know what he's doing, which is frustrating for me as a buyer (for instance, I'd jump at the 40R custom if I knew the measurements) and detrimental to him as a seller. Don't you think that custom with good description, measurements, and pics could go for at least $275 - $300? It appears to be a Super 120s Loro Piana fabric that is used only on the most expensive Golden Fleece, and this custom may have even more handwork.
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It's Brooks Brothers, though, which isn't exactly the most high dollar label out there. Regardless of what it may be, most people won't know or care about anything except the BB name, and as such he'll probably be hard pressed to ask too much for it, especially given eBay's rapidly rising fees when you get out of different price barriers. The current highest valued completed BB suit auction went for $270 with BIN. When I do auctions, I think it somewhat naive to think that I'll easily be able to get the top value for anything else sold of the same maker (unless I have something that's so obviously heads and shoulders above anything comparable, which I don't think this is per se, especially considering Brioni suits for $350 are just as plausible). So he's not running the best auction, but I think he would be foolish to try to milk it for $300+ since it is "just Brooks Brothers" and 99% of buyers won't know or care enough to look for any special differences.
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