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Any info would be great.
Well, unfortunately, there are a lot of variables that determine if your MTM experience will be a satisfactory one. First and foremost, does the RL store that you are considering ordering from have an in-house tailor? If so, then have him / her take the measurements, and not a sales person, at the same time make sure they are competent enough that they can understand what you are looking for, and that they will be able to properly alter the MTM item after it arrives from the factory. This goes for either Polo or RLPL. If the tailor in your experience is not competent enough for your expectations, DO NOT order the suit to "try them out" except if you have a ridiculous amount of money and want to take a chance on their tailor / salespeople's tailoring skills / measuring ability and do not mind getting upset over a suit that might look horrible on you, not meet your expectations, etc... then by all means try them, I on the other hand, would take my business elsewhere if that were the case (this is why I don not use the tailor at the RL store on Worth Ave, he just fails my expectations).  [/quote] But, how do you know if the tailor will be good enough unless you have him try it out? That's my big problem right now.
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No more fused items. And I speak about shirts also.
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I own both and don't care about it really. I buy on fabric and fit.
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Suits - strictly canvassed. Canvassed suits feel much better on chest and armhole area. I don't really care about suit labels anymore though.
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