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Creases on the flex area of the shoes

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I got this rather ugly crease on the right pair of my AE Park Avenue. The left pair is ok though. I heard a "shoe bone" might help, is that true? If so, where could I get one of those? Many thanks as always.
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I don't think a shoe bone will be of any help. It's the leg bone of a hind (female deer) and is used for shell cordovan and other leathers where the flesh side is compacted to form the top. (Used with shoe cream it will remove scratches from the top of suitable leathers). How would you describe that particular crease? Is it bulging upwards, i.e. a fold, as is there too much leather in the shoe, or is proper crease going down. How come that the other shoe does not cause any problems? It is possible that the leather has not been selected well and that there is a fault line (just like the San Andreas fault) in the leather. It is possible that either the leather for the uppers was not carefully selected and matched, or that there is a problem with the lasting (excessive amount of leather). I would take some photographs and contact Allen-Edmonds' customer service.
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Without seeing it, it's hard to say, but my shoes tend to crease differently on the left and right shoes. I assume that's due to differences in my feet and/or manner of walking. As b-s says, it wouldn't hurt to contact AE about it.
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Take the handle of a broom, and put it on the inside of the shoe and press and smooth out the crease. I had a pair of shoes that creased the wrong way, and put pressure on my foot. The broom trick (which is borrowed from breaking in big, heavy mountaineering boots) worked well.
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Can you explain this broom trick a little better? Just a regular broom and put it inside the shoe? With lots of pressure? Over time? Is the shoe upside down?
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even if you manage to un-crease the shoe, when you wear it won't it crease back again? I thought once crease is set .. its set for life?
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i have a theory about different creases on the right and left shoes - if you drive a car (esp. an automatic) you tend to use the right foot differently from the left - i have noticed that the shoes i tend to drive most in have the most prominent difference in left and right creasing. interestingly, when i had a manual, both feet tended to crease evenly/equally.
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