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Fall looks... much to ernest's chagrin

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Over on Andy's we had a pattern matching chat recently and I mentioned that I like playing with textures as well as patterns sometimes by using different materials... I'm sure most have seen the 'Country Gentleman" look in various fashion layouts this fall... we were bored making ads so played around a bit while shooting ebay stuff the other night. Here's an example of mixing textures and materials as wellas patterns, Jill raided my closet to dress Woody for an ad for the sportcoat in this pic. We have... Wool/Cotton blend shirt, Cashmere/Silk blend tie, Linen vest, Cashmere sportcoat, silk pocketsquare. Added benefit... if you listen closely you can here Ernest shriek in pain at the agrarian pallette selected... we're one pair of alligator loafers from driving him nuts on this one. Whatchya tink? "Decide what manner of man you wish to be taken for, then dress the part."
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about driving ernest nuts? It's great.... The ensemble isn't too bad either....
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I would have chosen a different tie though. Like a bright violet Etro paisley.
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Not if you had spent 8 weeks working on the perfect weight of silk cashmere blend to make a seven fold out of cashmere for your own line you wouldn't :-) Bias - What CBS denies and I freely admit.
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I think that this is a brilliant ensemble; I really like the colours, patterns, and textures. It seems a very refined look that communicates a sense of relaxed elegance. That Woody is one sharp dresser.
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Love it.
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Definitely the farmer look.
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I like the fall look, particularly because earth tones match my natural coloring. I love your ties, Chuck. On Friday, I rushed to the Barney's New York sale here in Tokyo and nothing compared (in price or quality) to what I have gotten from you. But, I think I would have chosen a darker colored tie, or a lighter colored shirt. Maybe if the colors of the vest and tie were reversed, it would do that little bit more for me. Bic
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I seem to remember A. Harris, if i'm not mistaken, saying that sulka was no more. The question came up when i saw a pair of sulka pants for the first time in a really nice super 150s wool and posted on the forum to ask about the company. From the photo it looks like they're still in business, which is nice, cause they make some great stuff. And that is a nice tie ;p Care to link your site?
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I'll just add in the dissenting opinion, not to crap on the thread or anything, but just to say that all earth tones do is a elicit a big "UGHHH" in me. Brown is the one color, that aside from leather goods, I would almost never allow into my wardrobe, with the exception of maybe cords. The clothes themselves look nice, but the combination just strikes as tacky and just generally unappealing.
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Thanks - that silk cashmere blend tie was a test... after the reviews it got I have 3-4 more colors planned. Going to do that one in earthy tones for that softer and less rigid look. I love cashmere but MAN did it take a while to figure out how to do it with a proper weight... the 35% silk (in the stairstep) gives it just a little shine. Turns out that to do cashmere with all those folds you have to spin it like silk with very long fibers ... then the silk gives it just the right rigidity and a little sheen. Funny how thinking about how to mix silk and cashmere into a nice tie over a good bottle of wine lowers one's blood pressure :-)
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aybojs - I used to think that way about anything that wasn't black, navy or gray too but I got bored.... Turns out that, oddly enough, I get more positive comments when I go for that color scheme than the darker colors. Goes to make a good point that everything depends on one's subjective likes and dislikes and their pallette. ...but one thing I have learned is that most people look better in brown than what they expect at first. I have to talk some folks into it, but 90% of the time they come back and say "you were right". Remember the real purpose of the outfit - to bug Ernest. Every now and then in life one must pause to bug ernest. ...and Ernest? I am just teasing you my friend.
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Remember the real purpose of the outfit - to bug Ernest.  Every now and then in life one must pause to bug ernest. ...and Ernest?  I am just teasing you my friend.
I wish we could have custom titles under our member names on the side column. Ernests would be "The French nephew that you just love to tease".
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I like it. Reminds me of the pictures in the Andover Shop catalog.
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Alas, Sulka is no more. Hopefully someone will revive the name someday. There seems to be some remaining stock of Sulka around because I've seen new Sulka items sold in a few stores, including Filene's Basement (as recently as one month ago). Of course, there's always EBay, which always has various Sulka items, from ordinary golf shirts to the occasional stunning vintage cashmere jacket.
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