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Just sharing.

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This is something I would post on my xanga blog, but I dont want to let my folks or my brother to know , and get them alarmed about my situation. THey dont know I am unemployed! I dont want to burden them but I do like to share here...

These days I am unemployed due to some freak happening at work , of which I worked for 4+ years (IBM) , and I was wrongly accused and terminated.

The past 3 weeks I have tried to make the most of my life, I was very distraught and vengeful emotionally the first couple of days after leaving, but encouragement and prayers uplifted me to move on and look at positives.

Looking for work, it is hard as I guess the market is slow now and there is not much out there for me. However, I find myself practicing the piano more, taking time to learn more in my field, reading up, reading a book about World War I and II ( i have been fascinated by these two wars for such a long time, but never got around to seriously studying them).
Also, using the time to pray, get closer to God, have a more focus, EXERCISE!
(I've lost 7 pounds already and my gut is shrinking, walking and lifting lite weights). Reversed roles with my wife, and keep things clean around the house and cook dinner for her when she comes home.
Also, selling alot of shoes to try to make me get by.
I actually find myself with a LACK of time for all these things, between studying, practicing piano, taking shoe photos, setting up ebay, shopping , cooking , exercising, praying....

I am thankful for this time. I appreciate the trials Im going through as I can either make it an opportunity to complain and grumble, or I can take that opportunity to go through the fire and test my heart. increase the heart.

My point here is not to boast. Not to confuse anyone. I just felt compelled to share this and my feelings which i feel is so important , I want to write it here , where alot of friends and brothers in this community can hear me out and perhaps be encouraged themselves.
That is all.
As lot of you know I am Christian , but I wont bog down some of you with any 'religious rhetoric' or anything like that. I did slightly above, but i cant help it.
Just want to say prayer is important. It increases you. God listens. He cares and His Word helps me through , not to reduce trials and troubles, but to increase character when they come.
I have an obligation to AT LEAST ONCE to share this with you all. This is it.
I am very happy and at peace these days and more so I predict as days go by.

I know others go through ups and downs empirically in their lives. That is a given.
I hope everyone can come to a relationship with God. If at least, a paradigm or way of thinking that can allow them to be in a state of peace and a joy constantly though. That is it.
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You're the type of Christian I want to be. I hate religious rhetoric but still think a relationships with God is important. Best of luck with your job search and congratulations for being so productive with your time off.
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Glad you're alright, brother. Mighty glad.
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(I've lost 7 pounds already and my gut is shrinking, walking and lifting lite weights).

Shoe, it may not be my place here, but I know when you got let go and I think if you lost that much weight that fast (unless you weigh over 300 lbs which you don't) is not a good thing, I don't think you're eating enough. If you are exercising, because of the increase in muscle mass relative to decrease in fat (muscle weights much more than fat), I think you may have lost too much weight too fast. All I'm saying is just think about what I said and check your food intake. I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

Also keep in mind that nothing happens by mistake. The guy upstairs has a grand plan, we just don't know what it is. Also, He doesn't give you anything you can't handle. You are still young and you have friends, family, and most of all good health! Times like this is kind of like gas, my man. This too shall pass......

By the way, it's a well know fact that many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs have not only lost their jobs or been fired, but often more than once! Now I'm not going into reasons about your job loss, I'm not even going to examine the possibility of trying to fight the injustice here. I'll let others tackle that one. But my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I'll burn a candle for you.
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I wouldn't sweat the weight loss. Seven pounds in three weeks isn't that big a deal.

I agree that anyone worth their salt has been fired at some point or another. Learn whatever you can, then move on.

I'm not religious so I can't burn a candle for you, but if it helps I will torch a pair of Kenneth Coles in your name.

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Very sorry to hear what happened to you. Keep up the spirit of thanksgiving, knowing that everything that happens is according to His plan, and all works toward giving Him glory.

You have been an asset to members of this forum, both in your knowledge of shoes and great deals that you offer.

I will keep you in my prayers, my brother.
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The nine months I spent unemployed after 9/11 were the roughest times of my life, yet they also showed me how great and supportive my friends and family are. You'll come out of this stronger and with a more rounded view of the world.

Seven lbs isn't anywhere near dangerous, don't sweat it.

Fight the good fight, run your race, and keep the faith.
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I was unemployed last year for a while - maybe the toughest few months of my life. I ended up getting my dream job, and getting my life in order - I am not sure what I believe in, but I have to say that the worst thing that can happen to you can lead to the best, so keep the faith.

I launched a pretty good campaign to find a job, if you are at all interested, pm me and I can try to pass on some of the things that I learned, which may save you a little time in learnign them yourself.

good luck.
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Good luck to you, Shoe. I admire your walk in faith but as far as Im concerned you can praise God but pass the ammunition. You need to get a lawyer.
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Thank you for sharing Brian. You can always count on us for support or just to hear you out. Best of luck finding a new job and as other have said, these situations are often a blessing in disguise that lead to bigger and better things. Keep the faith! Yours,

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Best wishes in this callenging period, Brian, and congratulations on maintaining such a productive (and appropriate) attitude.
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Continue the good attitude and just remember that all things work together for good for those that love the Lord. Keep those priorities straight and you will pull through.
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Even though I'm not religious, I'm glad to hear that someone can still find strength through faith. Best of luck to you. I'm sure you'll find something soon.
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