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Watch repair

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A friend of mine has a gorgeous pocket watch his grandfather have him years ago that has sadly stopped working. Do any of you know a good place he could have it fixed? He doesn't mind sending it via mail, since we're in Atlanta. Thank you in advance.
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I think that the best bet in most cases like this is to contact the company who manufactured the watch and try to find out if you can send it to one of their service centers.  Usually, if you take it to a store that carries that brand, they can take care of sending it there for you. However, with a lot of these older pocketwatches, the makers are no longer in business.  What I would do if I were you is to check out some watch forums (a la timezone) and search for that brand.  You might be able to find out where they take their watches to for repair from their posts, or you could contact them. In any case, it's hard to provide you with a more specific answer without knowing who made the watch.  I've had a few of my grandfather's repaired, none of which were worth a great deal of money, but all of which carried with them sentimental value that was certainly worth the time and money it took to get them back in working order.
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Try Tom Gref at Best of Times if it's a good watch.
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