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Don't know much about...

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I always see Jack Victor ads in GQ, but I never seem to hear about them anywhere else. What's the deal?
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You also see Perry Ellis ads in GQ. Bad suits, pants are of decent quality but seem to be overpriced, even at discount.
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I went to Saks and they had a ton of Jack Victor stuff, which made me think that it was the Saks house brand.
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No, no, not Saks' house brand. I think someone mentioned in this forum a few months ago that it's a Canadian brand. Macy's has shitloads of them.
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It is Canadian, from what I understand. I bought a Jack Victor cashmere jacket a while ago at Filene's Basement. I never wear it, so it was kind of a mistake. In any case, I think their ads look good. Reality, I'm not so sure.
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Canadian brand out of Montreal. Not bad at that pricepoint. Sort of a notch under Arnold Brandt.
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Jack Victor, Tallia, and Arnold Brandt are all close competitors delivering a similar garment.
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The difference is that Arnold Brandt uses superior fabrics -- a lot of high grade Loro Piana stuff in their suits and pants. I picked up a fall/winter weight AB suit several months ago for $100. I don't think it will get a ton of wear -- maybe once every 2 weeks -- because it is fused and unvented, which makes is the lonely child in my closet as of now, but the purchase was worth it for the pants alone, which are great.
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they must be making most of their sells in the US because I live in Montreal and i have never noticed that brand before seeing the ads in GQ.
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november, where do you shop? I have spent a lot of time and money on Peel St. Is there a better place to go?
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Most of the finest men's shops are locted on Peel St. I recently passed by one that seemed interesting on Laurier St. in Outremont. There are of course many smaller stores nestled deep in anonymous buildings and big dept. stores like Harry Rosen, Holt Renfrew and Giorgio. There a re a few stores selling more youthful cut suits like Thierry Mugler,J Lindberg,etc... like Mens on Ste-Catherine, west of Peel. Personally, I am not in a field where I need to wear suits. I am an engineer and i am so far satisfied wearing low-priced clothes and some trift shop pieces I find when I actually have the time to search for them. Montrealers are the sharpest dressers in Canada and they go through more clothes than avg. Therefore, there are some good finds many times. I am still in transition from streetwear to a more corporate look. I might get some bespoke shirts when this chinese shirtmaker comes to town this Fall though...
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Jack Victor is a subsidiary of Hart Marx ( Hart Schaffner and Marx- Hickey Freeman etc)- the Canadian branch so to speak. J.V. has two lines ( that I know of). There is the standard line of apparell you see in many mid to upper end retail stores and then ( or there used to be, 2 years ago ) there is the black label line. I may be wrong on the name of the upper line. I purchased some of the Black Label ( ?) pant at a combined trunk show a couple years back. Hickey- H.S.M. trunk show. No idea where one purchases the upper end line(s) otherwise. Respectfully, John
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I have a sport jacket I picked up on sale last year up in northern Ontario. Decent quality but nothing to be amazed by. It is a good looking jacket though and for off the rack it fits pretty well.
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