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Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post

He looks like an oompa loompa in that most every picture.
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Originally Posted by brokencycle View Post

Who's JWB?

Jorge Walker Bush of course.
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Johnnie Walker Black

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Just don't start posting that Black Whiskeys Matter stuff in the "What Are You Drinking" thread unless you're looking to start a fight.
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There's a joke here somewhere about scotch and milk but I probably should just move on.

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Sticking thumbs up each others posts guys? Must be a slow night. satisfied.gif
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Why Assange implicates himself (even jokingly) in hacking into anything? I was under impression that Wiki is not an actor in obtaining information illegally but simply an internet publication.
Once you claim you are working on hacking someones comp. or IRS servers you implicate yourself in illegal activity that you could be prosecuted for.
What is his game?

P.S. Two organisations I regularly contribute to are Wikipedia and Wikileaks. I like them Wikis.
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I liked "Well Snowden doesn't understand the definition of 'curation'...'curation' is not 'censorship.'"

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Oh, and wikipedia rocks. Obv.
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Assange seems in good spirits. I remember reading a few articles some time ago about him kind of going crazy being trapped in the embassy. He was caught in places he was restricted from, people would hear him yelling and screaming, and he would violently knock stuff over.
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Sounds like Sean Penn at the USSR embassy. Lol
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well assange is now big enough to have people come to him and hack for him, so this is not a big surprise, and tbh it was fucking funny as he exposed william maher as donor, contrary to maher said, he did not came out as donor to Hillary publically before that or at least he was not to vocal about it, because i followed him and he never have seemed to mention it
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Maher gave $1M to back Obama, not Hillary.

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Maher has been crying about Obama not ever doing his show despite his 1 million donation.

Obama is such a bitch, he did idiotic online shows like Jerry Seinfeld bullshit or Zach Galifianakis (between two ferns idiocy) but he would not come to Maher show. I am guessing because Maher had Harris on his show talking intelligently about Islamic crisis of ideas, discussions our muslim president surely does not approve.
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