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I ran across a pair of these today (in one of the old line San Francisco thrift stores) and they appear to be very fine shoes. These were a pair of black cap-toes made of beautiful strong glossy leather with gracefully squared-off chiseled toes and a high bevelled waist--very much in an English style and while not quite as fine as my Henry Maxwell shoes, certainly getting up there. I'm not sure if they are bespoke. There's no sizing and the last is a bit idiosyncratic, but neither do they have a customer or order number written in the shoe. Just the embossed stamp Pellux Milano. I did some Google searches and found only that there seems to be a small leather goods manufacturer by this name. But no mention of shoes. They are such a riddle that I may have to go back and get them. Of course I'd appreciate any clues about what I might be getting.