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Originally Posted by Tardek View Post
I agree that you should always say a friendly hello and goodbye. Nothing else is required though, certainly not if you are not well-liked. After a while of non-conversation, they'll forget they are supposed to not like you.

this is way true
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Originally Posted by GQgeek View Post
I hold you in contempt! Seriously though, people I work with that have the 9-5 attitude infuriate me. Sometimes shit needs to get done in a hurry, or I need extra manpower, and it can be like pulling teeth getting some people to come in.
well if i had to wor for a company the type of company you describe would not be acceptabe to me. you can hold me in contempt all you want i hold this tadnar to all of my workers as well. i donto expect them to work more than the average hours per week and frankly and my tiem estiamte reflect that i epexctot be able to do what i do in the said tiem frame and expect my workers as well, if they cannot frankly they are soon to be let go. the way you hold me in contempt i can do the same against you, a person is nto ans should nto be defined by his job. why should i ask a person to work longer than usual when he probably has hsi schedule filled with tother things to do? why should somoeone for a job miss a sports practise or a play for which he purchased tickets? the idea that person owes his life and soul to his job would infuriate me.
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I don't mind people asking me to work late, as long as they are in the full knowledge that they will be paying for my extra time.
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I wouldn't care, why change for their expense? Unless you give off the impression you're better than people, i don't understand why they can't accept you as an equal. But i've never been in that position so idk.
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Exactly. The people who dish out the ostracizations are the losers; not the the people who are on the receiving end. What is this? Pre-school clique zoo? Come on. Some retard on here posted that if you are being ostracized, you must be being a bitch. But the ones ostracizing aren't bitches right? Wrong again. The ones acting all cliquey at a professional environment and ignoring and trashing their co-workers are the losers in this picture. OK? These losers clearly never graduated from high school!!!
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Originally Posted by Laffertron View Post
I was with you until you talked about how you're better than your co-workers. I'm betting that is shining right through, and they all see you as a smug annoying dickhead. Lose the attitude and maybe they'll get along with you more. Has this happened to you before?
Wrong!!! Work is not a place to make friends much less best friends. And it certainly is not the place to worry what people think about you either. Getting along is not the primary point of work; getting ahead of all the losers are. People who participate in ostracizing people for whatever reason are the losers. OK? From what I see, there clearly are way too many losers at any given work places. Inferior people clique together to trash people who are better than they are. Winners do not clique together to banish or ostracize someone. Let's get this straight. This is directed at the cliquey losers in here. You know who you are. And being seen as a dickhead by lazy cliquey kind at work is a damn compliment!!!
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Wow, angry noob. In other news, learn how to coexist with people. It's not that fucking hard.
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Most everyone here has good ideas, and some need to get a life.
Let me share a story that might open some eyes to other possibilities.

A Young Over Achiever is hired into a govt IT job. After 3 months and shortly after returning from a two week training session for new hires...the employee is swooped up by Tier 3 support to receive a promotion to Team Lead over 17 people. After 3 months in his new position the person that promoted him, demoted him. The problem was compounded by leaving the very skilled and capable employee in the same job position without moving him to another department.

So in short, a manager promotes a new employee over all others, then changes his mind and demotes him because of the angry protests by employees that think they deserved the position. Then leaves the employee to fend for himself against the constant bombardment of character assasinations, bad jokes, and smear campaign from fellow workers.

The employee has become ostracized not because of any fault of his own, but because management didn't stand behind their employee. One bad manager made a vital mistake in managing people .....he set the employee up for failure, and did not guard his words.

In the meantime, the employee has filed a complaint with HR about the hostile environment. Now the defense contractor is back pedalling and even tried to cover their tracks by deleting the "flame" emails the employee received and sent to all top level management officials in the govt to make them aware of the situation.

In the world of govt contracting....corporations serve the govt. If you do something wrong, ie timecard fraud from just one employee can get a multibillion dollar contract cancelled....
Mismanagment of employees opens the door for a future multimillion dollar lawsuit.
In the meantime, everyone keeps taking their pop at smiting the demoted employee. And the employee just keeps taking notes...


It appears the govt has just recently announced..they will not be renewing their contract with the contracting company providing IT support for the govt. Luckily the ostracized employee works for a different contractor who will be staying on while everyone else gets fired.
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Once had a boss tell me, "You know what happens on a slave galley when one of the rowers rows too fast? He gets thrown overboard." Yeah, well, all the slaves went down with the galley.
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From my experience, it's good to be courteous and polite to everyone (even people that do not always reply to good morning) but at the same time slightly reserved and low key. I also avoid office gossip and making statements about co-workers.

I mainly speak to co-workers about work related issues. Non-essential chit chat is kept to a minimum. Never speak about my personal life/matters. Some people blab on about everything including their finances.

There is a clique at my work and they do socialise together after work, through facebook etc. One of them recently fell out of favour with the group and she became ostracised forcing her to find another job elsewhere.

This is why i may attend the odd drinks night once in a while to 'keep up appearances" but never get too friendly with any of them.
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As I like to say, This is a business not a social club.
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Sounds like a lot of people have a completely miserable time at work. Having a good relationship with my colleagues is a big part of why I bother getting out of bed in the morning - I look forward to seeing people. Some I socialise with after work because they are friends, but that is due to age rather than any clique. Life is too short to spend so much time in an environment with no good company.
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OP listen to me. The only job worth keeping is one where you can tolerate being there.

If your current coworkers are shitheads, get another job. Even if it's for less money--get to fuck out! Now!!!

People who don't accept you for who you are--never will. Don't wait until after you're fired to start looking for another job. Take the first offer you get. Get to fuck out.
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Originally Posted by Jl24 View Post
Edit: Well I've gotten a lot of flack for claiming that I'm better than my coworkers. Again, I'm not bragging, but I've been given more responsibilities my first year here than some coworkers who have had more experience. Perhaps I shouldn't say "better", just "given more responsibilities." I'll probably catch some more flack for this regardless.

At any rate, I talked with one of my coworkers and it turns out it isn't the whole group, just a few people in my group. Thanks for all your comments.

Well, there you go. What, exactly, have you said to your co-workers when you claim you're "better" than they are? Waking around with that kind of attitude is bound to alienate people and make them dislike you. This shouldn't come as a surprise unless you lack some basic degree of self awareness.

My guess is that we're still not getting the whole story from you. Until you're willing to recollect and give us all of the details here, we can't really help you.
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Originally Posted by Mr. White View Post
OP listen to me. The only job worth keeping is one where you can tolerate being there.

If your current coworkers are shitheads, get another job. Even if it's for less money--get to fuck out! Now!!!

People who don't accept you for who you are--never will. Don't wait until after you're fired to start looking for another job. Take the first offer you get. Get to fuck out.

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