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Tailoring help - metro d.c. area

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I recently purchased a suit (Hield?) from Off 5th Avenue with unfinished jacket sleeves. I've had no luck finding a tailor who can/will do jacket sleeve buttonholes. Does anyone know of a tailor that can do this kind of work? Many thanks.
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Try Field English Tailors on Wisconsin.
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Will do. Thanks.
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How did the tailoring go and if you dont mind, how much did they charge? I need to get a few suits tailored, and have been using the tailor at montgomery mall for between $80 per suit. So far so good, but then again I want to make sure to get the best job on my new ones. Scot
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I second Field's. They do very good work in my experience. I also like the fact that they don't just say, OK that's what you want, we'll do it. If they think something would work better another way, or have a suggestion about fit, etc., they speak up. I like that. Another option though is Geoffrey Lewis, Ltd. on H btw. 14th and 15th. They do some of my easier alterations; however, they also did working buttons for me on three suits. IIRC, they charged me $80 per suit.
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I went to Geoffrey's. I'm not sure what the exact cost breakdown was but for $345 this was the work done: - working buttonholes on 2 suits - sleeves lengthen on one jacket - Jacket taken in on the sides - waist taken in/pants cuffed on 2 suits I'm pretty satisfied with the work. Just wish sleeves were 1 1/4" longer. Ken
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