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Saw this auction and i have questions

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Purple Label suit First, I believe the shoulder measurement is 18.5, which is absolutely perfect for me. I usually wear a snug 38R, but wear a 40R in some makes (shoulder measurement seems to be most critical, IMO). Would this suit tend to run small through the torso for a 40R? Second, does anyone know whether this is a Chester Barrie or St. Andrews model? The shoulder measurement makes me think it isn't a 2003 or 2004 model, since they tend to have about 19.5" shoulder widths in the 40Rs. Third, am I crazy for thinking this is a sharp suit?
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Sure looks like a nice one to me and for $500 it is not a bad deal. I noticed it said that it is NWT which is evident but just to be certain I would ask for confirmation that it is PERFECT because the seller clearly states that all sales are FINAL. I understand why some sellers state that but you might ask him about the measurements - if you let the seller know that you know what you are doing, have measured and are 99% sure it will work then most will work with you a bit if it does not work. This one you could likely resell if it did not work but check with the seller to see if he'd take it back if it does not work. ...when I write my policies I have to make them sound firmer than they are - because it is always the lowest-priced item that a new bidder wants to haggle over garage-sale fashion. I sent out a couple Kitons today with a "well if it don't work, send'm back and we'll try again or refund" agreement. Many sellers will work with you if you are serious and interested in this level of stuff. ...Probably 2/3 of our stuff goes to existing customers and never gets listed on ebay - that's the sort of buyer that sellers are looking to establish a relationship with if they are smart. Good luck :-) oh... can't tell who made it by looking for sure but if you put a gun to my head and forced me to guess it looks like St Andrews. ..might as well compare Halle Berry to Catherine Zeta Jones though - neither one has notable flaws.
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It's a Saint Andrew's. It looks sharp. And from the measurements it's a slim fitting 40.
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Really outstanding and nicely conservative. Particularly suitable for attorneys and newlyweds. My size, but I've been spending too much lately and won't bid.
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I have a 42L "Jonathan" Purple Label suit which surely fits more snugly than all of my other 42L's. Picked it up at Century 21 for $400 about six months ago.
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Fits me, but it's one of those dreaded three-button style coats.
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He could probably get more than $500 for this if he actually steamed his garments and got decent pictures.
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