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Not all of Ian Daniel's inventory is shown in the EBay store. If you click on "Entire Inventory" after you click on a specific item, you will see the entire stock on the Marketworks site. If an item is shown to be "Unavailable", you can still buy the item from Ian and in that event he will give you a discount from the quoted "Marketworks" price to the last EBay price. He can't do this if the item is "available", as he then has to pay an upcharge to MarketWorks. I just did this with a pair of Borrelli slacks (price shown was $240 and sold to me for $199). I have no association with Ian or Worlds Finest.
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i should do this when i'm ready to buy attolini suit.
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Hello, I heard the posting was going to be made. There is a glitch in the MarketWorks program that we have yet to address. I should say, they have yet to address. Anyway, the Attolini suits are priced around .33 cents on the retail dollar. So a $4,500 suit is $1499. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Thank you, Ian Daniels TheWorldsFinest
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I've never posted, but when I saw vintageusa mentioned, my ears perked up. I'm sure this is well established here, but vintageusa is an excellent source. I've bought over 20 barba and borrelli shirts from Ian over the last year, and a suit recently, and every purchase has been great. If you want to start collecting great shirts, or other great clothes, this is a very good place to start. The new borrelli shirt in the mail thing starts to get addictive...
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how do i find his ebay store? thanks
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how do i find his ebay store?  thanks
Excuse the long url, but I have it in my favorites and this is how it comes up:
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Arvi, Here's the link to World's Finest. http://<a href="</a> Edit: TDial's link is to Ian's items that are not currently listed on EBay. These items are also available for purchase.
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ok...grazie tante
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