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Betting on sports

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Interested for responses in this crowd. A general question, provided with some context. I enjoy watching sports, and put the occasional wager down, never serious and rarely involving cash - currently betting a case of Sierra Nevada that the Phillies of Philadelphia will finish the season with a better record than the Orioles of Baltimore. I seldomly bet "real" money on sports. The general consensus in the sports media seems to be everyone bets on sports. The spreads, the coverage, radio and tv personalities' personal locks every week... I just don't care, but I feel like there's a large population who does. Who? Also, there seems to be a profusion of fantasy leagues, especially with pro football. Once again, I don't care. But I want to know who does. This is also my first poll, so forgive me for crappiness, inaccuracy. I never took statistics.
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Pats have made me richer to the tune of $16k over the last 3 years... go patriots.
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I bet almost every week. I won $150 on Bonds Homerun last night. I also Parlay 4 baseball teams and won $900 last night. I almost hit a 12 team basketbal parlay last year. If the Clippers would have scored 2 more points then I would have won $12,000 on a $20 bet.
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This is a truly weak response. Just shows no one reads these sections of the forum. Or no one is interested in my topic or poll, I spose. Oh well.
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the one i would check, if it were there, is 'i don't bet on sports; i have played a fantasy team once or twice; but i really don't have time to mess with it.' i imagine that might account for some abstainers. the other one missing is 'neither bet nor play fantasy.'
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If Matt Hasselbeck and Trent Green don't start scoring some damn touchdowns I'm gonna have to burn something down.
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