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I seem to be in a brand rut when it comes to buying new trousers. I've been wearing Zanella platinum trousers when I'm not wearing suits, and I guess I'm tired of heading over to Neiman Marcus and laying down the cash for them. If I'm looking for a moderately priced but elegant pair of trousers, who are the other top labels?
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I don't know where you are located but I just saw a ton of VERY nice Bernard Zins slacks at Nordstrom Rack in Colma CA (South of San Francisco.) They were priced at $75- $110.
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Not "moderately" priced but Incotex slacks are my personal favorite. I just wished they were more moderately priced.
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Cristobal: For brands I'd second Incotex (also a personal favorite, but priced retail 20% or so more than Zanella), Bernard Zins are slightly less expensive, but have a slimmer cut that doesn't always flatter me. Zegna and Barbera are also nice. Barbera will set you back about the same as Incotex, and Zegna's price point is similar to Zanella. Less expensive than Zins are Ballin and Berle, both American made and a bit more traditional. Zegna is usually on sale somewhere, along with Zanella. Aren't you in Chicago? Have you tried the Nordstrom Racks in Oak Brook, Woodfield (also an Off 5th in same complex) and Northbrook? Also an Off 5th at Gurnee Mills which sometimes has good stock, sometimes not. A GREAT place to go is Morris and Sons. They have exclusive deals with a few major European brands that are so good they won't let me publicize them. Just pay them a visit, you'll see what I mean. A Harris. Thanks for the tip- will try and stop by for a look this weekend. Have you been to the one in San Lorenzo? They usually have pretty much the same stuff at any given time. Also, have you made Wilkes Bashford's warehouse sale yet? Great clothes, particularly good inventory in Incotex trousers last year. It's every year in Feb. I'll call them soon and post info.
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