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The Little Tuxedo Shop of Horrors

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Oh god, I do not know where to begin. I am getting married next January, and while I have adamantly decided to get a tuxedo (peak lapel, 1 button, wing collar, marcella vest, etc etc), obviously this just won't work for my less dressy friend & family. So... tuxedo rental it is, no big deal. Entering the store (The Tux Shop), one is immediately slapped in the face with some of the most terrifyingly coordinated outfits imaginable: Wing collars paired with brown & black stripe neckties, poly-floral ruby red vests peeking out of ubiquitous 4 button notch blazers (no satin here!), mutated lapels, and so on. The most vile offender was easily the pinstripe 'zoot tux', with the comically oversized jacket & pant combo, packaged with a nice black shirt and candystriped tie. Faux-gold chain included for those big ballers with nothing to lose. After a dozen nauseating spins around the room trying to find the least grotesque citizen in the leper colony, I noticed a seemingly long-forgotten tuxedo stuff in the corner, ignored and humbled among its flashy brothers... Behold! A one-button peak lapel! They do exist. Committing to the tux led to this wonderful exchange between myself, the sister-in-law, and the 'formalwear specialist': Me: So, for my brother & etc, I want that 1 button peak lapel tux with a turndown collar an black bow tie, and that 3 button vest in black. Oh, and those cap toe patent shoes toe (the least horrible of the bunch). FS: What are her colors going to be? Me: She's wearing white, we don't have a wedding party, so that isn't a concern. FS: But what are her colors going to be? Me: She's wearing white. FS: But... Don't you want some color in there? Like a red bow tie or a colorful cummerbund, white & black is just so... uninteresting and bland. Me: That would be a no. FS: ooook.... SIL chiming in: Wait, you're not getting a tux here (shock and awe on her face), what kind of vest are you getting so they can match? FS: White pique with a black bow tie. They don't have the right kind of white vest, so they might as well get a black one. It won't stick out. SIL: The tie and the vest need to match, you should get a white tie. FS: nods in agreement Me: FS/SIL: *eyeroll* Ok, it's not my wedding. ...Yeah. I had some hesitation about buying a tux due to the cost, but goddamn, after 40 minutes in there, my fiancee and I are both more confident in the expense (and my decisions) than ever. I'm not sure entirely what the point of this overly long post is, except as a complete endorsement and thanks to all the formal wear knowledge slung around these parts. Couldn't believe a 'formalwear specialist' had no idea what a marcella was. Oy. Is this kind of experience unusual? I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.
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Competent salepeople is a dying breed.

Learn about a subjet yourself, be self-taught, then go buy.
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Well done. I'm glad you stuck to your guns. Those stores are so nauseating.
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You certainly showed more restraint than I would have. I have a low tolerance for sales people telling me what I should be buying.
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Oh, no quite the contrary! I think the poly-floral ruby red vest with those lovely squared toed fashion patent leather shoes would really do it! Naturally a must have with that would be a red rubber nose and an orange wig! Honestly, I truly don't know how you could have maintained your composure in that place. My hat's off to you, sir. I would have started laughing and have walked out of the place in hysterics.
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reminds me of having to go to my brothers wedding this summer. Shudders. The sales girl was telling me that I couldn't be the size i was as that would be too uncomfortable. She was telling me that the jacket didn't fit and i need the jacket where the shoulders stuck out an inch over the end of my shoulders. She did have one thing right, I was insiting on a 16.5 inch shirt x 34. SHe told me the neck would be too small. She sized up to a 17, but gave me a 32 inch shirt. I couldn't even button the neck or the sleeves. OY.
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Many years ago, I needed a tuxedo in a hurry and figured I might as well buy one from JAB/MW/etc. When I was trying one on, I mentioned that it was a little tight in the chest and shoulders. The salesman responded with, "Oh, tuxedos aren't supposed to fit you comfortably."

I'm currently about to get one made for me by my tailor, and I don't expect the same comment from him.
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Originally Posted by macuser3of5 View Post

Me: She's wearing white, we don't have a wedding party, so that isn't a concern.

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The Tux Shop used to have a small location underneath the Fairmont hotel in downtown Seattle I believe. I went in there once but quickly left once I realized they had no idea what they were selling. They left this spot not long after Luly Yang started offering men's formal wear options next door.
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Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC View Post
Hey, a bit of deception for the grandparents' sake.
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