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I have worn an isaia

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I was in Filenes Basement Boston the other day since they are having their big suit event (basically it's like 20 - 25% off any suit).  I don't know if this is going on in other cities, but if it is, please be kind enough to alert me to any high end stuff in 38R. Anyways, they had the most beautiful "soft 3 button" charcoal gray Isaia suit, which was incorrectly tagged a 38R (it was actually a 36R, which I found out after I realized it was very snug fitting).  But, I could immediately tell that Isaia is now my absolute ideal suit.  WOW.  What a great cut.  And the suit was so stylish -- double vent, ticket pocket.  And only $700 after the sale to boot.  Any 36Rs should definitely inquire.   Anyways, I also saw something INCREDIBLY funny.  Filene's had a rack labeled "Zegna. $599..".  A ton of them on the rack.  So it would be $450 after the sale.  Good deal.  So I head on over to the rack and what do I see on the suit sleeve -- Tessuto Zegna.  They were passing off those crappy Tessuto Zegnas as real Zegnas.  Hah.  I'd expect it on Ebay, but a freaking  department store?  By the way, they were absolute crap.
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Isaia has lots of different models - make a note of the model name in the pocket if you can, so you know which model you are looking for next time.
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Hey tell that douchebag brandmaniac he's got a new supplying source.
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