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Corneliani suit

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...canvassed and is it a good deal at $400? Also, does this store take returns if it turns out not to fit? Thanks.
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400 / .35 = 1125 or something close to it... so I would say that it's probably not fused, just judging by the retail price.
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I never saw a Corneliani that wasn't canvassed-- they see themselves as the "other Canali", but go ahead and ask Sierra, since you can't examine it in person.
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Corneliani Trend are definitely fused, and indeed I've even seen a Corneliani Linea Sartoria that was fused (even in the lapels&#33, which was quite shocking to me since 99% of the LS line that I've seen have not only been fully canvassed, but made of superior fabrics. That said, this model is most likely canvassed -- all of the fused Cornelianis that I've seen are more fashion foward three button models. This is a classic suit. For $399, I'd say this is an excellent choice considering Sierras return policy.
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Sierra has a good return policy, so you might as well take the chance and order it. I'd think that you need to see the suit to know if it is fused or canvas. I have a Trend Corneliani with canvas lapels and fused front, and I haven't personally run across anything from their other lines that had any fusing. So bottom line = who knows?
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