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To a certain extent, duh... I grew up dirt poor, my parents barely made it each month. There were a more than a few times they had to borrow the money I made doing neighborhood yardwork to put gas in the tank. Now, if we weren't scraping by, yeah, I would imagine the stress level would diminish.

Right now, I'm not making 50k a year, but I'm doing alright for starting out in the 'real world'. I'm pretty happy overall. More money is nice, but like Puffy and Ma$e said..

I've experienced very much the same life you described, and now I make a comfortable living. But I find you reach a point where so long as the bills are payed you don't always need much. I take great pleasure in taking a walk or playing a boardgame or something with my girlfriend. How much maney do you need for something like that? $0