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Charlie Prince's coat from 3:10 to Yuma

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Hi all,

Have any of you seen a coat/jacket like this? I really like the style and tight fit of it.

The color of a similar item is not very important to me, though I do really like the color of this one.

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I'm not sure where to get one, but I agree with you that it's a great looking coat. I paid more attention to every scene it was in than what was actually going on... first time I ever found a costume/prop to be the scene stealer. For general style, I've seen some similar type garments from some of the Euro brands, like Haute, Costume National, or CDiem... but unfortunately I'm not sure if you were looking for something in that price range (you can nearly get a used car for as much as CDiem might run).
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haha yeah, no doubt
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I remember thinking it was pretty cool myself and googled for it. Best I could find was that it was inspired by a rock star's style.
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i just watched the movie a couple of hours ago, and i totally agree with TheDude that jacket is awesome, i would love one, but maybe a bit longer tho.
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Looks like some sort of lined buckskin.
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I was thinking about that, having it a bit longer... but I think that if it were longer it would totally conflict with its tight/slim fit.

I've been googling for this and all that's come up is...well nothing.

Damn, that coat is amazing. I did find out that he (Ben Foster) actually say something similar in a museum and told the wardrobe designer about it.

Unless some company realizes this coat's glory I don't have the highest of hopes in finding this

Maybe something from the civil war era...
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Small ppl get on it
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damn, too bad its 315, no way i can afford that. plus i think it looks cooler in that bone white color
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Originally Posted by Cali View Post
Small ppl get on it

both this jacket and the one above are badass. reminds me of the rocketeer a bit.
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no foolin' dolce made a civil-war insipired jacket like 4-5 years ago, that looked 100% like this jacket.

i as well as my girl thought of it the second we saw this film.

so i went to our warehouse to look for the coat, since it didnt sell, and it was gone!

i thought i was hoodwinked and imagined it all, til i saw it on ebay months back, ill try to dig up the link
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you could probably ask wested leather to make one. they have made jackets for many movies, such as the rocketeer.
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If you like the overall look then Number (N)ine Spring 07 Collection is a pretty much what your looking for.
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Ralph Lauren had a navy wool jacket that was similar to this in last winter's collection.
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Here are a couple shots I have of some similar jackets. First is Dolce, second is D-Squared.

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