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Shiney fabric suit

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If the suit have mild shine to it due to weave, do you guys think those suits are too trendy? I like to own suits that have mild shine for party or special night out with lady.. My Brioni and Armani has bit of shine to it. What do you guys think of it? Do you think its taky if the suit has shine? Thanks.
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It depends IMO. Some fabrics have a natural shine, such as cashmere or 150s wool. Others shine due to a high polyester, etc. content. I've seen some Prada and D&G suits that are undoubtedly decent quality, but they are intentionally shiny (presumably due to polyester in the fabric). Of the two categories, most of the time people can recognize the first category -- shiny due to very high quality fabric like cashmere, etc. Of the Prada-type of shine, it really depends on how you wear them. Completely inappropriate for most business wear of course, but they could work as evening-wear for a trendy young city-dweller. I wouldn't be caught dead in the Prada type, but then I'm not of the young clubbing set.
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i would avoid at all costs...that's just me. doesn't strike me as trendy at all. just tacky.
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sharkskin has a slight sheen to it, and has been around for as long as men have been wearing suits. i think it has more to do with the cut of the suit than the sheen of the fabric. a suit cut to 1930's specs in sharkskin would look classic. a prada suit in sharkskin might come across as trendy.
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Milano, A little sheen to a suit for evening wear is just fine. Have fun with it and don't fret. Just don't go to the board meeting in the suit (unless you're on the board of a nightclub).
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I have a wool and silk blend suit with just a hint of sheen to it. It's a light olive drab color in a conservative single breasted cut. I wear it all the time in the Summer.
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This depends entirely on the fabric's color, pattern and how the suit is cut, IMHO. If you look at some of the best wools out there they have a LOT of sheen to them with the current arms race for super low micronage. You can have a shiny suit that is very LOUD or a suit with a high sheen, perfect supple drape in a solid or very fine pattern that looks exquisitely elegant. I have a 150's in solid charcoal that without question has a sheen to it but the other details are so muted that it says 'expensive' without say 'Oh dear GOD, look at the pimp.'. I actually run into this concern a time or two with one of the shirt fabrics we use - a white herringbone that seems way too shiny at first to be cotton. (right Reverand Al?) When we found it we didn't believe it was cotton either but it is...and has a silky, supple sheen that some folks who are accustomed to broadcloths are a bit uneasy about initially but once used to it love the silky hand and soft sheen. ...again, I think the pattern, color and style are important here. If the other details are subtle and don't jump out at you, a very silky fabric with some sheen to it can look fabulous.
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But Carlo, sometimes it is nice to hear people say, "Damn, that is one colddddddd pimp." I personally think that the cut and drape will determine whether the suit looks elegant, modern, or just plain pimp. An Brioni is a super 150's is going to to have a fair bit of sheen, as will a Prada suit (yah, yah, whatever,) as will one of those seven button windowpane sharkskin numbers. Hey, pimpin' ain't easy.
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Phil... sharkskin has "slight" shine?. Sharkskin sparkles like Linda Rondstadt's best sequined dress. And in my opinion is suitable only on young prom goers who drive Iroc Z's. Tom
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Tastefully cut suits in sharkskin, mohair, or a really fine gabardine look nice IMO. Those Isaia's I sold recently were awesome - light grey wool/mohair blend in a very 60's cut. For cool cats only
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LA Guy - yeah but if someone looks at Jill and says "How much for yo b---?" it'll cost me a fortune to bail her out of jail, she's far too handy with a .22 (Note: Most Texas women consider a handgun an accessory, we don't hold doors and say "ma'am" down here due to chivalry - it is plain old fear.)
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