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Mohair sweater on men ?

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I like hairy mohair sweater. Would it be completely out of style to wear that under a leather jacket with a jean ? Would it be considered too much female for a man to wear such hairy and fuzzy sweater ? Thanks for your opinion
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If you feel confident - and the cut is good, you can pull it off. Since you need to ask advice online, my suggestions is that you cannot pull it off.
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If the sweater is a muted color, like beige, navy blue, chacoal or black, I wouldn't worry. (E.g., a beige or dark gray fuzzy sweater under a brown leather jacket sounds perfectly fine to me.) If it's a light or bright color, more caution is in order. In any case, it's not the kind of sweater to wear with sneakers either -- dress up a bit the rest of your dress/shoes when wearing the sweater. I think of it as a somewhat "dressy" sweater.
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"George: Jerry, where did you get that sweater? Jerry: What do you think? I found it at the back of my closet. George: I think that's what the back of closets are for."
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