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Judging from his frequently refreshed window display and seeing some of his work on a student or two, I wouldn't hesitate in patronising a local tailor should my finances permit sometime in the future. Just a fairly humble provincial tailor.
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Unless you know italian or depending on the region the dialect, leave it be. The unknowns as you call them could be in every small town in italy. just go there and stay ina region for about 6 months adn you should find someone. Even than f you are only interested in tailoring that s inexpensive there are about a dozen other places where you could go where the quality is equall and it still costs you alot less than anything you have made in europe.
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Depends on your definition of "unknown". Unknown to whom?

If you mean that the tailor is not known to the world at large, or even to a smaller subset of that; the English speaking fora, then it is not surprising that they are "unknown". After all there are hundreds of tailors in Italy, and the better ones are generally 'known' to the locals of the city/town where they reside.

Many of the more known ones have an established history such as Caraceni or Rubinacci (btw, I hope that people realize that Mariano is NOT the tailor, and that London House has had a few tailors over the years). Others are fortunate enough to have had famous international clientele and thus have had their reputations more publicised. Does this mean that only these 'known' ones are good? Absolutely not. Does it mean the smaller, more locally known tailors are: as good, better, worse? It depends on the tailor. However, with the more 'known' qualities, you are paying for an established look and expect a certain level of quality. While on the other hand, with the smaller, local tailors you are taking a risk based on how you chose the tailor, who suggested them to you, how well you can judge workmanship and cut, etc. That is why this undertaking would be more risky.

It also depends on what you mean by "best". What is 'best' for an American audience may not be 'best' for a certain region in Italy. How many in Rome would consider a neapolitan coat (as stereotyped on many English fora) an ideal business coat? How many in Napoli would consider the more columnar, sleek Roman style the epitome of a suit? What would the northerners consider either cuts?

That is why there is no "best", and the "unknown" question is a red herring.
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I guess the OP was trying to go for is a list of good tailors that are not known, or not as well known, outside Italy.
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I think there are so many good tailors in Italy that their being known on English language fora is hardly a mark of anything. I think T4phage has a point about the shifting sands of taste, but I think your relationship with the tailor is most important. If you are just passing through and you get a suit as a souvenir of your visit, then all bets are off. I was perfectly happy with the two tailors I found in Bucharest, and there were other good tailors I did not bother trying, and that is Bucharest, not the world's fashion capital. Warsaw has quite a few excellent tailors too. I think you can do very well avoiding big names and seeking out local talent in European cities.
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THis thread was interesting. When I complimented one of the guys on a DB suit I was told it was made by " unknown" tailor in Como - scroll down to see.
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Have you heard about the Carbone's? From Rome?
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Bump - looking for North East Italy in particular.
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