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I don't think that Trump is assuming there is an advantage to 3 people, he is just hoping that someone can make an intelligent decision and defend their position.   Last night The Donald suceeded in making his victim look like a puppet by merely suggesting that she should take 3 people.  The previous victim recognized this pitfall but could not offer any reasoning behind her decision; it was a decision for decisions sake. When someone chooses 2 people and defends their decision by proclaming that only 2 people belong there with him/her and asking a 3rd would only make for more mudslinging amongst those who inevitably have to leave the boardroom and again function as a team you will see Donald nod approvingly.
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Granted, I have never watched the Apprentice for the obvious reasons that A) the premise is idiotic B) Trump is a horrible businessman that made his fortune off of daddy and it was Daddy's friends that saved him the first time (I wonder if they will save him again with the bankruptcy of Trump H&C) C) I have better things to do with my time. But, I will admit that the red trouser look was daring, even if it is firmly rooted in that preppy-patrician east coast, old money waspy style, which is as original as well, every piece of clothing Ralph Lauren "designs". After taking a good look at the pictures in the article, I have found a good solution regarding dress, in which a man can stand out, but yet look perfectly proper without outdoing "The Donald", but at the same time not looking like something from a 50's midsummer party in Montauk. The solution? Dress like a London banker. Whilst all the other contestants are wearing 3-button 2-piece suits (yawn) from either the Italian or American (hits hand against forehead) schools of tailoring, why not try a nice English-inspired 6-4 DB suit? Or a suit with a one-button jacket? The suit must not necessarily be an English-made item; we all know that the Italians and even certain American companies have mimicked the English suiting style with much success. If the contestant must go for that 3-button suit, why not try a slightly bold pin / chalk stripe? Or perhaps, add a vest (as either part of a 3-piece or a matching off-color variation) to differentiate oneself from the crowd. If the suit must be of the Italian school, gravitate towards the Neapolitan style, with the Barchetta pocket, high armholes and perfectly curved many suits with Barchetta pockets do you normally see? As well, how about learning a new knot other than using the same old four-in-hand (this is meant as no disrespect to FIHTies, one of our wonderful contributing members ) over and over again? A Windsor knot paired with a nice spread / cutaway collar / shark fin (ok, maybe the shark fin collar may be too bold), instead of using a forward point collar, would be a very nice paring with the aforementioned suit styles. Of, course my style has been influenced by hours worth of reading, which consists not only of the history of the modern sartorial traditions and their transfigurations, but also various internet forums where needles to say, proper style dictates the tone. Perhaps the contestants on the show should spend time reading our fair can only help their sartorial endeavors. Jon. Edit: Oh, and the men should always remember a very important rule: never, never, never copy Trump's style; he has none.
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i like your ideas imageWIS. To comment on Bradford being fired, I don't think he would have been fired had there been something to gain by giving it up, rather than assuming Trump would have thought more of his performance if he was willing to put himself on the line. Had he been able to gain something, it would have been an intelligent decision to make the trade, but he gave something up for no return, and that is a stupid business decision.
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Stupid business decission? It's a damn television show. Anyway, I think Trump's lack of mores and simple-mindedness prevent him from understanding much of what goes on right in front of his eyes. Luckily enough for him, he knows how to build buildings.... but not much else. FWIW.
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