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Style and "the apprentice"

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I just saw this article on MSNBC - some amusing comments about Raj and wearing a bow tie in general.
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I think Raj looked very dapper, actually. Certainly not appropriate for the occassion, but the MSNBC article was idiotic. First of all, I think that Raj showed an incredible skill in pattern/color matching -- the bow tie and coat actually went with the red pants, as did the spectator shoes. Indeed, it's hard to imagine the red pants looking better with anything else. Secondly, the comment about the pleated pants was probably the dumbest comment in the article. I'm sorry, but can we please recognize that pleats -- if not "hip" in the Prada sense -- are (or can be) graceful, elegant, and classic? Would the bow tie ensemble really have gone better with flat front pants? The cane clearly was over the top, though.
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OK, that's a funny article. And it has the flair of televisionwithoutpity.com, which the author happens to write for. It strikes me as a little bit of a look-how-clever-I-am article though. I am a big fan of the over-the-top Trump promotional vehicle masquerading as a reality show. The first thing I noticed about this season's contestants was how well they were dressed. But as I think about it what I was noticing was that the clothes stood out. And the reason they did had to be that they were professionally dressed. Those duds were just too fancy to be all their own clothes. You can check them out in all their bedecked splendor in the latest issue of Fortune magazine where they appear in a ... fashion spread. Unfortunately true comments about bow-ties. Mine sits unused in a drawer. Scott
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hmmm... here's what i think. the red pants are certainly not businesslike. the bow tie is a little small on him and again better left for more formal events. and a cane - thank god he does not work for me.
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Yes, Raj was over the top, as I stated in the other Apprentice thread that was mysteriously moved to a random area of the board. And no, there's nothing wrong with pleats, or for that matter, bow ties, for those who are confident enough to wear them. Others simply leave them in the drawer.
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his clothing for the 2nd espisode was very good I thought...
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Raj was wearing a gray pinstripe, peak lapel suit - an RL Blue Label S/S suit. Odd to see that.... but certainly better than any other's dress. I happen to think Raj will win. With relative ease.
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I believe he was wearing a suit with no belt at one point during tonight's show.
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I believe he was wearing a suit with no belt at one point during tonight's show.
I actually really like this look, it has a very minimalist appeal to it. Haven't seen the Apprentice though, so can't say how it looks on Raj.
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I think there was some strategy behind the madness of his attire for the first episode. He knows he's the best, and he wanted to catch everybody's attention, including Trump, from the start. Trump will keep his eye on him afterwards, cause he's intrigued. Of course, this only works if you bring something to the table.
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I agree that Raj will win. The biggest thing standing in his way, actually, is his sartorial distinctiveness. He did MUCH better tonight, and even used his bow tie collection for competitive advantage.
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I was rather surprised that the Bradford fellow got fired.
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I am not too surprised that Bradford was fired. The guy virtually challenged Trump to fire him by surrendering his immunity, he told Trump that he wasn't "blowing smoke up your ass", and he got Carolyn's name wrong. He doesn't really have a gift for tact and wouldn't be a very effective subordinate in most enterprises (although he seems to be a good salesman). I think that Raj has a certain clothing style that elevates him from the surrounding corporate blandness, but he has an affectation of being 30 going on 70 which might wear thin over the ensuing episodes.
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Bradford was an idiot to give up his immunity. I think people will get real tired of Raj soon - he's awfully obnoxious. I'm sort of expecting one of the girls to win this time, but no one has really risen to the challenge yet. Bradford
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It actually really blows my mind how dumb these candidates are in terms of strategy. The project manager almost inevitably brings the wrong people back into the boardroom. People don't make personal alliances the way they should. Stupidity all around. I also can't figure out why Trump think's it's inevitably an advantage to bring three people for the final board round instead of two. I don't think Trump has really thought it through completely. M
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