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What goes through your head when ...

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I work in financial district in Toronto, so I see lot of men wearing suits. I personally do not wear suits to work (soon I will be cuz my new found job sort of requires to ..) but I see lot of men wearing ill-fitted suit. Some of them are so bad that I want walk up to those guys and give them suit 101 lesson. I mean this morning, I saw a man wearing 3 button suit and only the last button jacket closed. Here is the way I see it. I would not wear a suit if it does not fit 100%. When I wear a suit, it has to be flowless in every way, otherwise I rather wear just shirt and pants.. any thoughts?
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Having worked in a suit/tie environment for many years now, I agree with you to a point. I have found it is simply impossible for every suit in someone's wardrobe to be flawless in terms of fit. You can start out with good intentions when you purchase the suit, making sure it is tailored properly. But the vageries of both yourself and the suit material factor into it. A suit that fits absolutely perfectly when you buy it, might not fit as well in a year when you have lost or gained some weight etc. A personal example of mine is a great suit I bought last fall. I got flat front pants, which fit great at the time. However, I have really stepped up my jogging the past few months, and now all of a sudden the pants are too snug around my now more muscular thighs.
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...and that's why i don't run. /andrew - sits
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When I see someone wearing an ill-fitting suit, I just think "hopefully not everyone else is noticing."
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On a tangent, we had a guest lecturer from Australia this week. His outfit would probably sent you through the roof: - Loose black slacks - Baggy gray sportscoat with very low gorges - Gray short-sleeved sportshirt with a small point collar - A horrendous tie, with the knot pushing the collar points in the air. This shirt was never made for a tie - Black sneakers - and of course a pocket square . Great lecture (computer forensics) but a sartorial trainwreck B
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What goes through [my] head. . . .? "Aces. No competition."
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I should think - "there but for the grace of The Style Forum go I..." actually it's usually a little more petty like, "Thank God I don't dress like that." Bradford
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Funny, I was just at a luncheon when the same thing went through my head about ill-fitting suits. I was considering posting a similar question. I battle with thinking ill thoughts in my head (they sure don't care about their appearance). I'm somewhat similar to Milano in that I won't wear a suit that I don't feel fits me great. Hence, I have no suits currently. Going back to this luncheon, a university president and a CEO of a regional hospital network spoke and both looked like they were wearing their older brother's suit. Sleeves down to the tips of the fingers, shoulders too wide. ...and it's not because they don't have enough money to buy a decent suit...they just don't care and neither do 95 percent of the people they probably work around.
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Just my opinion... Honestly, I do not feel like picking on anyone for not paying too much attention to clothing. People writing on this forum have a very marked interest in fashion, which it is good for us but it does not necessarily has to be the same for the rest of mankind. Neither it makes us belong to a superior gender. Luckily enough, men have different interests and, as I don´t want to be blamed for not being interested in soccer or ballet, I respect those who ignore the difference between a half windsor and a four-in-hand knot.
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You guys are killing me...I only have ill-fitting suits. Fused at that... Unfortunately, I can't get around wearing a suit to an interview, and I'm piss poor, so I have little choice in the matter. Ignorance is bliss, I can only hope that nobody is noticing...damn styleforum.
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I do not know how to explain it. But for now, it all comes down to how much u care about urself. when I wear suit, something tells me I have to look sartorially right. I am not saying go out and buy perfect fitting Attolini or Brioni's .. Just make it proper. I see lot of men wearing suit jacket all wrinkled. Shoulder seam is so puckered and wrinkled (maybe they use their jacket as bath towel) that it ruins the whole image. Something like that .. just take it to a dry cleaner and get steamed.. your overall look will improve DRASTICALLY. I know this is not fair when I say this, but people judge you the way you look. If you look sharp, people will think that you are sharp person. If you lousy .. well .. And do not give me who cares what people think crap .. if you do .. you are lying. Maybe you do not care as much as some insecure people, but you still do. Have some common sense. take those wrinkles out .. never wear white socks with black suit .. etc .. It comes down to two choices .. Look good or Look Bad. I choose look good.
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I blame the lack of proper role models. Men often get their business dress cues from their fathers, mothers, and grandmothers. I sure did. I'm glad I broke away from that. We rarely see a photo of a celebrity/politician/businessman dressed in clothes that fit. The most common crime just has to be wearing suit sleeves too long.
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I had a similar experience on the subway a few days ago. I was standing next to the window, on my way to work. Because it was darker outside the train than inside, I noticed that one guy in the train was wearing a suit that didn't fit in the shoulder/upper back area. Drat, that guy was me... The suit was made to measure, and fit well when I ordered it and picked it up..... So should I not wear this suit until I start working out again and return to the shape I was in when I bought the suit? Bic
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owning a fine sartoria comes with responsiblities. I work out religously, and there is not a time when I not worry about my shoulder getting too big. It's insane i tell ya.
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Good Lord, for all this talk about suits not fitting properly because of working out, jogging, etc., doesn't anybody have access to a proper alterations tailor?
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