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Advice on nyc casual?

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need advice for my fall trip to NYC. a suit and tie, or sportcoat and trousers is easy, but i need ideas for casual clothes in manhattan in the fall (need to stock up now). any advice/ ideas appreciated. would like to dress down a little this time, even down to jeans.
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Ideas for casual fall clothing: a capsule wardrobe. and remember, brown is big this fall: 1. A slim camel jacket (good for those cold days, goes with nearly everything in every color.) 2. Corduroy shirt in chocolate. Frankie B. has the best version, and can actually be purchased online at Can be worn as a light jacket with jeans, or used as a layer. I don't know if this is too casual for you, but a corduroy or moleskin shirt, jeans, and desert boots is my standard fall uniform. 3. Moleskin shirt. I prefer slim fits - Helmut Lang had some last fall, but any number of more traditional makers also have them, as you prefer. 4. Blue and camel checked shirt. Barbera or Lorenzini are good bets here. 5. Wool melange crewneck sweater. You sound like a conservative guy, so a grey and brown number by Luciano Barbera would probably fit you well. 6. Dark indigo pegleg jeans. Helmut Lang are still the gold standard here. 7. Relaxed fit, wide wale, corduroy pants. 8. Relaxed fit medium grey flannel pants. 9. Distressed brown leather laceup ankle boots. Wear with a think brown belt. 10. Black leather chelsea boots, matching slim black belt. 11. Navy cashmere v-neck sweater - good for layering 12. A white shirt. Wear it untucked under the v-neck sweater with the indigo blue jeans and chelsea boots for a casual night out, with the corduroys and laceup boots for stomping around during the day, or with the flannels and black shoes for a casual work day. 13. Great messenger bag for storing all your crap in.
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Lived in NYC all my life. This outfit is the absolute fall best: Varvatos makes the best messenger bags. Also, layering is great for the city look. Go with white J.Crew undershirts, and a thin cotton or merino crewneck sweater over it, in dark red, burgundy, brown, or even navy. Roll up the sleeves. And wear either dark tan cords or chinos or blue jeans from Levi's Skinner, or Diesel, Helmut, or Calvin. Another favorite forgos the layering on top for a slim sportshirt - I personally love Valentino - also, check out Dolce. These go great with the jeans - do not tuck. Agreed about the chelsea boots - check out Hugo Boss - also, I like Bally loafers. *Added: Cerruti 1881 and Ferragamo have superb thin moleskin, suede, or leather jackets in a variety of beautiful and subtle fall shades. Check them out. My $0.02.
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Varvatos makes the best messenger bags
Hear, hear. I also like some Rafe bags - their corduroy and wool bags were great.
or blue jeans from Levi's Skinner, or Diesel, Helmut, or Calvin.
I personally prefer the Levi's Austin (more accomodating around the thighs). Don't forget Paper Denim and Seven jeans. Some guys I know swear by Joe's Jeans, but they;re not really for me. As for Chelsea boots, my all time favorite were a slim pair by Prada. If only I hadn't had to pay rent that month.
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Will definitely check out Rafe - and I am familiar and very happy with Paper Denim - just forgot to mention them (oops) - Austin is fine - I think it depends on your body type - I'm skinny and tall so I'm more into the skinner cut. Although quite stylish, I find Prada to be simply too expensive, and low-quality for the price.
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If you're looking for chelsea boots ,there are some great pairs on Yoox right now: a whole bunch of Prada and Gucci in the $250-$300 range; also some Miu Miu boots around $175. They are in the new F/W section, which I believe you have to be logged in as a registered user to access.
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