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Why we never steal others images

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http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....ck=true Am I mean bastard or did this seller deserve it for stealing my picture? Ok, I am a mean bastard AND the seller deserved it. ...did not even bother to steal it to her computer and edit it so as not to have my website in the properties.
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I think you're being way too nice. I would go all out and find both some incredibly disgusting pictures and add some super offensive text in bright red letters, but that's my twisted sense of vengeance/humor.
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Can't - i have 20 oxxford auctions up using that picture. Any 44L's out there? Got yer suits. ...this is what happens when you mix Chuck, 2 bourbons and a long day... I get in touch with my 'inner a-hole'
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hehehe.... I, too, seem to find myself creating a little trouble after two bourbons. Especially when poured for lunch.
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Hey, Chuck. What about us 44XLs? We chopped liver? Mike
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Mike - Who's yer buddy? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MESE:IT http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MESE:IT http://cgi.ebay.com/ws....MESE:IT If 26+ on the sleevee and 33 inseam won't do ya then yer too damned tall my dear friend.
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An absolute fool that SBTracy. Chuck, whats the deal on the buttons on that Tracy auction? You post that an "Oxxford Must" (I saw it on the photo at SBTracy ) is the Kissing buttons yet the sportjacket on that auction has buttons on the sleeve that look like they were sewn on by a Child with ADD. JJF
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That is a case of "I don't need to take my new jacket to the tailor, the girl at the dry cleaners does alterations". ...My favorite customer comment on Oxxford "The alterations lady at the dry cleaner says this suit is no good, the sleeves pucker at the shoulder because it must have been drycleaned wrong and the shoulder is smaller than the sleeve opening, i want a refund" Sigh. I think some folks will be reluctant to borrow my images without asking in the future :-)
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Chuck, YOU ARE THE MAN. That is the best thing I have seen in a long, long time. It's given me an idea   From now on, when people steal my auctions, instead of sending a nasty email (never works) I've got to figure out a way to "Chuckinate" them  
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This is in fact a tried and true way of dealing with image leechers. This is also a reason why we do not leech other people's images. This doesn't work if the person had copied and saved your image on his own hard drive space, but if he remotely links to it without your consent ("leeching" your bandwidth as a result) you are free to replace the image with something more... inappropriate. Edit: Here's my submission (If you want to use this, you'll have to rename the picture.)
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I guess I'm missing something here. What is so funny about the ebay auction? The pictures look "normal" to me. re: leeching -- I used to "swap out" photos when I caught people stealing my photos. I'd put up nekkid lady photos on their auctions and then report them to eBay, who would then terminate the auction and warn the seller for showing nekkid lady photos in the men's clothing section. It worked well for me.
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I changed it back - I had put the text that Alias kept about "If this is not a Sartorialsolutions ad then I am a thief and you should not bid." ...But I relented, seller was very apologetic and feeds four kids with her ebay business. I'm a prick, not that much of a prick :-) so I took it back out and she promised never to use one of my images without permission/credit. ...I try to be mean but just can't pull it off too well.
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darn those kids and their constant eating...
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Alias, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw your version. The Oxxford Master Cutters picture just cracks me up. Good to have your fun Chuck. And it's good to be nice to ebay moms, too. Especially when they're contrite. But it was really funny (and deserved&#33.
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