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Hi Tim,


thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated!


The triangle is called "mosca" (literally translated is fly) and it's both a reinforcement to the seams and a nice details for when you wear the shirt outside the pants, for a more casual look.


As for the monogramming, they are made using an embroidery machine. To improve the definition we need to make them a little more big, which is not ideal as well...


I'm very sorry for the small stain, I've investigated with our shirt manufacturer: it's dot made by a pencil, to let the embroiderer know where to apply the initials. They usually sew over it so it should not be visible, but this time they missed it, thus revealing  a small stain. It should be gone with a good dry cleaning. Send us a pic of the receipt from your laundry and we will be happy to cover for the additional cleaning costs (either cash back or a discount on your next order).


Thanks again to have find the time for your review!



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Originally Posted by tim221 View Post

Hi All--

  I ordered some shirts, a tie, and a suit from Lanieri and thought I'd share the results in hopes of contributing to SF.

  This post is about the shirts only.. if interest, will post info on the tie and, when it arrives, the suit.

Thanks for your review --- I would certainly be interested in seeing photos and your thoughts on the tie, and especially the suit. Did you also get monogramming on the suit jacket?
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Riccardo -- thanks for the response and appreciate the offer for the dry cleaning reimbursement.. however, no worries, I'll need to dry clean it anyways so as long as it comes out it's all good.  But do appreciate the offer!


@ff4marvel -- will try to get some pics of the tie tomorrow and get them posted.  The suit is in transit and will post some info when able!



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Sorry for the delay, but here's my thoughts and some pics of the tie.


The tie is the Blue Mare Design, standard length, 3.1 inches on the blade width, "Classic" style.


I really like the design, it's subtle yet textured, so gives the tie a little character while still being on the conservative side (IMO-- and note I'm far from expert on any of this).


It's made of 100% wool, and the wool is soft and supple, but on the thicker side -- so Windsor knots are pretty fat.  An unlined tie should be thinner overall and may be better for summer wear.


The craftsmanship seems excellent to me -- the stitching looks precise, the tie is flexible, the lining looks well done.  I like the subtle details, like the Italian colors on the bar tack on the back of the blade.


Here's some pics -- the color balance is off a bit (sorry) -- starting with the back of the tie:



and with the back of the blade opened up:


The front of the tie, the color still not 100% -- although the Lanieri web site's image is spot on (https://www.lanieri.com/en/neckties/fabrics/blue-mare-design-991):


And finally, an attempt to get a close up of the pattern:


I think it's a nice tie to add to the collection-- and the workmanship and detail tempts me to pick up a couple others (through the end of July, Lanieri is having a sale on most items to include ties, 30% off ties). 


Lanieri also offers 7-fold ties as well as unlined, different lengths etc.


Anyways, hope the info is useful!



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Hi Tim!


Thanks again for the detailed review!

We have just sourced some nice silk fabric from Mantero Seta (a more than 100 years old silk manufacturer). It's the same fabric used for Marinella's ties (although with different patterns of course) and they will be available mid September!


Ciao from Italy!


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Originally Posted by Lanieri View Post


We have just sourced some nice silk fabric from Mantero Seta (a more than 100 years old silk manufacturer). It's the same fabric used for Marinella's ties (although with different patterns of course) and they will be available mid September!


Sounds good -- look forward to a broader selection of fabrics and especially patterns for your tie offerings.


Just received the suit -- and overall am very impressed!  For a first MTM effort, it fits very well.  And am really impressed with the fabric -- great quality and results in what looks to me as a super drape.  The craftsmanship looks superb as well, obviously lots of attention to details.


I am taking to the tailor's today -- needs just a little tweaking -- but once back will post some fit pics and more details.  (and yes, will pass back the tweaking details to update my measurements with you!)



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Well thanks again for the kind words Tim! Feel free to liaise directly with me or with our customer care for the refund of the alterations and to update your profile measurements!


Looking forward to your suit's review!




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Is it possible to have ties made in different widths? Even the "classic" width is too skinny for my tastes, which, admittedly, are rather stodgy and not exactly with the times.

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Hi Eric,


sorry but that's the widest tie we are actually offering.




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Hi gentlemen,

I ordered a couple of pants. One with VBC fabric and the other one Loro Piana. I will comment on the result when they arrived (scheduled by the end of September / beginning of October).
What I can comment on so far is the way to take and introduce measurements. And I can only speak positively about it. It is quite thorough compared to other sites I have used in the past and it is very easy to follow. Each step is done via an almost fullscreen video showing how to do it and running into the details needed. It really gives the sensation that they know their business and take it seriously. Well done.
Hopefully the final result of the pants will be as good!
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Hi everyone! While most of Italy was on vacation, we have been quite busy creating our Fall & Winter collection for the incoming colder season.


Quick preview of our new collection's shooting:



We will launch it TOMOROWW. Andwe finally managed to get some fabrics from Zegna!


Here's a 15% discount to all Styleforum's member:  STYLEFORUM-15

The discount code it's valid until the end of the year.




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Hi gentleman,


today was a very exiting day, as we were featured by two prominent bloggers, more specifically from Effortlessgentleman and Parisian Gentleman.


They have presented an interesting point of view on online MTM, especially in the article of Parisian Gentleman.

We are the first online MTM company they review, since they focus most entirely on high end full bespoke... so I guess we have done something to impress them :-)


Reading highly recommended...especially the end of both articles where you will find a nice 20% discount!




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Unsolicited self-referential moment of the day: my interview with Mr Colvin of Modernfellows


Some more insight on Lanieri :-)

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I discovered Lanieri thanks to the article on http://parisiangentleman.co.uk/


When Parisian Gentleman is covering the brand, it can't be so bad.


At the moment, I have a trusted MTM Tailor in Switzerland (www.nadelstreifen.ch). I am happy with the quality and provided service.


But I am also open for trying something new, when the price is right and the quality high.


Checking the provided pictures in this thread, the suits / jackets look nice, but there is always something, which would need adjustment (e.g. too much cloth at the back on one of the pictures.)


When I drop by in person at the Milan atelier, wearing my favorite suit, what would be the chances that such adjustments wouldn't be necessary?


I know, I could always go to a tailor and Lanieri would pick up the check, but I found it quite difficult to find a good tailor in Switzerland, which actually understands, which changes are necessary. 


Another point I noted were the prices in the Swiss Store of Lanieri. A suit with the LORO PIANA fabric was 1340 CHFr. (around 1250 euro). The same suits costs 850 Euro in the other "stores", e.g when I changed the shipping country to Italy or Germany. I understand there would be a higher price, when I would be measured in Switzerland, but an additional 400 Euro, only because I am based in Switzerland, is quite step. 



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Hi Ray,


if you stop by to our atelier in Milan, giving us the opportunity to check your favorite suit, there are some measurements that we can replicate precisely (with +/- 1 cm of tolerance):


  • the jacket length
  • the trousers length (both outer and inner length)
  • trousers width
  • the jacket waist
  • shoulders
  • trouser waist
  • jacket waist


To replicate other measurements precisely is more tricky, as we need to know the cutting blueprint of your suit, which is usually a very well kept secret of each manufacturer! But we can definitely get very very close with a 95% probability (based on my experience). You may wonder what are the main factors that gives 5% probability that your suit requires some alterations, mostly it's about personal taste. The main factors being:


  • you simply don't like the cut (even if it's correct generally speaking)
  • different fabrics reacts in a different way, giving a different look and feel to the fit 
  • during the 4 weeks necessary to manufacture the suit, you loss/gain weight (even 2kg can have an impact). Customers usually don't get this difference with the suit they already own, especially if the weight change is small, and for another number of reason (the change is gradual, they are used to see themselves wearing the suit, the fabric has already "set in")
  • we screw up :-)


Regarding the price differences in Switzerland it's another issue that will be difficult to solve, as there are several structural reasons, mainly due to import taxes and to administrative expenses from our 3PL. Both are higher than sending the suit to the States.


For example, check the prices of Suitsupply for the Italian/EU markets vs the prices for the Swiss market, you will find the same relative price differences (usually +30%/+50%).




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