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joe fresh canada

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have any of the fellow canadians here purchased anything yet from this new joe mimran (club monaco founder) line, called 'joe fresh'?

i checked it out for the first time this weekend and found the men's selection to be a bit modest in comparison to the women's and children's wear but what was there was on par with h&m, zara and uniqlo and the prices are pretty inexpensive

the one item that impressed me most was the peacoat, very slim fitting modern cut, not bad for CAN$89 (too bad only 55% wool though)

nothing outlandish, just lots of really basic basics
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Where are the stores? In Vancouver, the store locater lists only Canadian Tire locations.
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Originally Posted by TheHoff View Post
Where are the stores? In Vancouver, the store locater lists only Canadian Tire locations.

In Ontario it's all in Loblaws and Superstore grocery-plus stores. Even the store locator itself is in the domain. Sure you didn't misread "Great Canadian Superstore"?

One Loblaws here has some basics in. Nothing special, sort of Old Navy-ish, and oh so cheap. I get the impression that the disposable-fashion side will concentrate on women's.
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Did you actually touch any of the clothes? I wandered through the women's section with my sister and told her if she bought anything she would have to warn me not to hug her when she was wearing it. In other words: I didn't know it was possible to make fabric that cheap.
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They sell that crap at Loblaws (Superstore), like I want to buy clothes where I shop for groceries. They had a store in a tractor-trailer a few weeks ago that was touring the country to launch the new kids' line and it was near my house so I went in. The kids stuff is Old Navy quality - fine for kids but I've never seen their men's stuff and don't think I really want to.
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I can't say I've been impressed by their stuff, and I don't want to say I got my clothes where I got my groceries. But then again, anyone can pull anything off, so if someone can look good with those clothes on, good for him/her.
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They've got a storefront at Bathurst and St.Clair. Wrt what a previous poster said about quality being par with Uniqlo and H&M...I would say the quality is far below it.

Also I am surprised by a poster being impressed with the slim fit of a peacoat because from my experience it is cut for fat people who shop for groceries. The fit of the garments reminds me of The Gap only made with International Clothiers/Stitches quality.
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I didn't like a lot of the stuff there, but there were a few decent pieces. I found a wool/cotton sweater there that fits great and has held up pretty well. Some of the stuff fits good and is good quality for the price, while some are really poorly made and sized to fit the portly customers. Because it doesn't have any branding, you can't tell its grocery store clothing. If it fits, looks good and is decent quality for not much money, who cares where you got it.
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they got raw selvedge demin lol... I cant tell if its fake or not

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their quality is on par with their price. I got a nice fleece hat for my little boy from there.
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