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Opinions on this suit

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Thread Starter I wanted a solid navy suit, and this was more or less perfect for me, although at first glance, it appears that the chest is a little large, I usually wear around 46-47" and it measures 25" in the front, so I guess we'll see how the fit is when I get it.
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It's hard to tell from the (lousy) pictures. But, if it's in good condition, looks like you got a bargain.
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I got this suit, in fact, it needs no alteration, pretty much fits perfectly, great drape. I'm pretty happy about it.
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OK, I had thought this suit would still be a little big, but after trying it on tonight with a dress shirt and tie, it seems to fit PERFECTLY. Pretty amazing, I knew I was more or less a perfect 46R but I usually have to get my jackets brought in a bit around the waist, but the Brioni fit more or less perfectly, I guess it is a good match for a V torso. My other brioni suit was a 44R and was a pretty decent fit as well, a bit tighter in the shoulders but a little alteration made it a great fit. I will post some pics soon.
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From the picture, this suit appears to have an extraordinarily classy drape. Congrats.
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Suits are sometimes funny like that. One day you feel like it can fit a bit better, the next it looks so stunning on you you can't believe it's the same suit you were planning to alter. Such happened to me fairly recently: I thought a jacket I had could use some more waist surpression, but when I saw my reflection in a glass door as I was walking up to it, I thought to myself "Huh, it doesn't look so bad." Don't get too hung up on how a suit looks on you while you're standing perfectly still, ramrod straight, because you won't be, 90% of the time. If there are genuine fit problems, by all means correct them. However, needless alterations risk damage to the suit.
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Yeah, actually I was only pondering altering it upon reading the measurements from the vendor before I received the suit, as it is supposed to be a 25" chest across the front while I am more like 23-23.5". Once I actually received the suit, I was pleased to find it needed no alterations.
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