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Eric michaels in dc?

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Has anyone tried Eric Michaels in DC? It looks like you need an appointment and they come to you. I'm intrigued, but suspicious as to what exactly they are offering. From their website: Eric Michaels specializes in fine, custom tailored men's and women's suits and shirts. Combining exquisite fabrics and tailoring techniques, we pride ourselves in the workmanship and durability of our product. In addition to custom, we have a wide variety of ready-made suits, ties and accessories. Returning to the service tradition of the early twentieth century, upon appointment, a wardrobe consultant will visit you at a place of your discretion. Fulfilling the personal attention you demand, this specially trained consultant will assist in sartorial selections, provide wardrobe advice and take measurements. Contact Eric Michaels to set up an appointment.
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This sounds alot like what the Tom James Co. does. They make nice stuff (excellent fabrics, "nothing special" construction), but very expensive. Someone comes to your office or home with lots of swatches, etc. and they measure you right there. The clothes, though, don't come from a department store, but come from one of the Tom James textile companies (which include Oxxford at the highest end). I'm not familiar with Eric Michaels though. Does he do what TJ does or is he more of a fashion consultant?
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what do the prices normally run?
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I just checked out the Eric Michaels website ( At least based on the website information, they appear merely to have copied the Tom James business model. It's a good route for people who hate shopping and don't know good clothes from bad. Certainly, you will always pay MORE THAN full retail for going this route. On the other hand, you're getting more personalized service. Of the two jackets, two slacks and two shirts I bought from Tom James, not surprisingly the best of them were also the most expensive. In particular, the two pairs of slacks, which were about $240 and 290 respectively, are really nice. Some of my favorite slacks. Also, one of the jackets, a custom number in beige plaid with royal blue lining that was about $1,000, is also just about perfect. The lower priced stuff isn't quite as nice though. In any case, I doubt I'll be buying more clothes from Tom James (or similar companies), if only because I know I can find equally good (or better) stuff on sale elsewhere (such as brand new Incotex and Oxxford slacks on Ebay for $130-200).
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