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ulrich schnauss is an excellect producer, one of my favorites... Kruder & Dorfmeister is great relaxing downtempo as well.. If you like house music, check out Miguel Migs , BLue 6, anything from Naked Music
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Bill Evans - Tony Bennet Bill Evans Album. Bill Evans was a herion addict, a wife beater, and one of the most hauntingly beautiful pianists of our time. Coupled with Bennet, this album is silk. Art Tatum - 20th Century Piano Genius. A true virtuoso. Every time I listen to Art Tatum, I get the distinct feeling that he's fucking with me. He works melodies into songs you'd never think possible; he plays runs that you swear he'd have to cross his hands for. He was inventive, joyous and funny. OK, I'm done.
Both of these albums are pure bliss. My boss represents Tatum's old hometown and I will be attending an event commemorating Tatum's 100th birthday in boss's honor---working on a very heartfelt speech. He is one of my heroes.
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As far as cool, modern and relaxing go, you could do much much worse than to check out the aforementioned Lemon Jelly.

I'd also recommend giving Autechre a listen, maybe start with "Amber"
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For classical/jazz pianists I highly recommend checking out some Claude Bolling.
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death in june
current 93
sol invictus
vnv nation
hate department
christ analogue
depeche mode
new order
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ludovico einaudi - divenire Pianist and composer Ludovico Einaudi was born in Turin, November 23, 1955. His mother, also a pianist, would play for him as a young child, planting the seeds for what would become a fruitful, illustrious career. Einaudi studied under Luciano Berio at the Conservatory of Milan, graduating with a diploma in composition. In 1982 his talents would win him a scholarship to the Tanglewood Music Festival. The experience opened Einaudi's ears to new ideas like minimalism, world music influences and aspects of pop music. He spent the next several years composing for the ballet, including Sul Filo d'Orfeo (1984), Time-Out (1988) and The Wild Man (1991). Einaudi turned a corner in 1996 with the release of his first collection of solo performances, entitled Le Onde. This record started Einaudi down the path towards becoming one of Europe's best selling pianist/composers. 1999's Eden Roc and 2001's I Giorni, both for BMG, captured the solo piano world's attention, both remaining best-sellers for years to come. While seemingly at the top of the composition world, Einaudi ventured into the world of film composition, a journey punctuated by his Best Film Score award in 2002 for his work on Luce Dei Miei Occhi. Einaudi noted interviews during that period that he missed concertizing, and began performing again regularly. New works blossomed from this effort, including 2004's Una Mattina and 2006's Diario Mali. 2007 welcomed Einaudi's seventh studio album, titled Divenire, where he is accompanied by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.
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