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Help me buying shoes online!!

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ok .. I just measured my right foot. From hill to toe = 10.75 inches widest part of foot was = 4 inches .. I wear US 9.5-10.5 depending on label .. Which size do you think I should buy when purshasing english shoes?
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Well, the general rule is that English shoes run .5 large. But as many can attest, there is a lot of variation. Your best bet is to try on the shoe in a B&M to get a sense of your size. Otherwise, buy online from a place that has a good return policy. If you want, try posting your size in brand X and Y, and ask what size shoe you should buy in brand Z. For example, I'm a 12 in Magli, 11.5 in Ferragamo, 10.5 in Prada. A Gucci 45 was too big. I bought a size 11 in EG, and they fit great.
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If you list some specific shoes you have and the specific English shoes you're considering, you might get a better response. For example I wear a 7.5D in Allen Edmonds' #5 last and a 7E in Crockett and Jones 337 last. Comparing just by label is likely to be hit or miss. Regards, dan
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It's very difficult to tell. My foot measures about 11", but I take a 10.5 in Bally, an 11 in Ferragamo, 10.5 in Magli, 10 in Edward Green, 10.5 in Gucci, 9.5 in Prada, 11 in Mezlan, etc.
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Simply measuring the length of your foot is of limited value, because the most important measures of your foot are the heel to ball length and the circumference of your foot at the ball joints. As noted previously, either post some specific shoes that do fit, or find a retailer with some British brands to try on.
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I tried Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Last 51xx size 10D. I was not wearing dress socks. I was wearing rather thick cotton socks, but the shoes fit perfectly .. nice and snug and room for the toes. Will 9.5D Grenson Stowe fit nicely do you guys think? Thanks.
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Milano, If you're thinking about the Grensons from Bennie's Shoes in Atlanta, they are marked with American sizes. I just read another post on another recent thread that said that Allen Edmonds sizing and Bennie's Grenson sizing was the same. So, you'd take a 10D from Bennie's. If you're buying Grenson from, say, Pediwear in England, I don't have specific experience with Grenson. My guess would be that you'd take a 9.5E in the UK size (would be true with C&J). It's too bad for those who wear a wider size shoe (I wear an Alden 9E) that Bennie's isn't stocking any wider sizes. $150 is amazing.
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Ok. I am thinking about ordering Weymouth C&J from PLAL. The store has 9E and 10E UK size. With Stowie Grenson from Bennis, I wore size 10D US it fits perfect. With AE Park AVE, I also wear 10D US. PLAL does not have 9.5UK. should I wait for 9.5UK? or just get 9UK? the store owner recommanded 9UK .. What do you guys think?
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Milano, Here's a previous thread on C&J sizing (see, in particular, Tattersall's post, which says that the handgrades fit snugger than the benchgrades). The consensus is to order the handgrades a half size down (that's my own experience too). I'd wait for the 9.5E UK size. http://<a href="http://www.styleforu......nd+last</a>
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What STYLESTUDENT says - half size down from your US. If you wear a D width with AE, you'll want E width for C&J.
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