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Barbera for everyone....

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OK, someone recently asked about barbera.  i just got a big box in directly from barbera that contained 4 diff color sportcoats (1. charcoal grey melange 2. Oatmeal melange 3. Olive green/natural/chocolate melange 4. chocolate/natural glenplaid w/ rust windowpane) ranging from 38R thru 46L (15 total) and 4 suits all in charcoal flannel, but the cool thing is the pants are more like slacks and the jacket is sportcoaty, which a lot of places are doing (my salesguy at korshak does this) so you can mix it with other things.  amazing pieces.  also about 8-10 denim blue flannel sportshirts in S-XL and then anotehr color (haven't inventoried yet) in S-xxl.  you guys get first shot.  no pix yet, but i'm gonna try to get them done tonight.
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anything in 44R or 46R? I could definitely be in the market for some of that stuff if there are things in my sizes.
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ok here goes: Denim blue flannel sportshirt in s,m,l,xl white pique with olive/blue stripe in s,m,l,xl,xxl in sportcoats: charcoal grey melange in 38r,40r,42r,46L oatmeal melange in 38r,40r,42r,44L olive green/natural/choc melange in 40r,42r,44r,46L choc/natural glenplaid w/ rust WP in 38r,40r,42r suit is just gunmetal grey flannel in 38r,40r,42r,44L that's it.
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Let me know when you have exact measurements of the 44 and 46L, I may be interested, thanks.
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oK, the 42r suit is sold the 44L and 46L: chest length should slv waist suit 44l 46.00\t34.25\t20.00\t26.50\t38.00 44l jacket 46.00\t34.00\t20.00\t25.50 46l jacket 47.00\t34.50\t20.50\t26.25
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The 46Ls are interesting- Italian 56L or 58L?
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What are the details on the 40r charcoal suit? thanks
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I'm interested in the 44L jacket or suit, how much are they?
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all the jackets and suits are: center vented quarter lined patch pockets buttons attached but could be removed to make working if it says "46L" it was 56L, 44L is 54L etc jackets are 499 the suits are 649, retail at 2095 and 2595 respectively
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