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I know I posted about cufflinks earlier in a recent thread, but I've still turned up nothing after doing some shopping so I was interested to see what everyone else here is doing for cufflinks. What kind of cufflinks do you guys wear regularly, both for casual and formal purposes? Do you have any strict rules or preferences for single sided vs. double sided or is that not a big deal? Also, I'd like to get a little input on some cufflink ideas I've been having. For a casual pair I'm been looking towards the novelty end, i.e. something that will stand out and be a conversation piece. I've been thinking of getting a set shaped like something whimsical, like a martini glass or a gambling theme. Another idea is getting a set of coin cufflinks (just a pair of coins with a swivel back soldered on). Quality and material isn't a huge issue since I don't care to break the bank on casual links, and they would almost certainly be single sided. Do you guys think this sounds more interesting or tacky? For a set of "nice" cufflinks I think I'm more willing to spend money ($100-150 or so max which I know isn't that much), but I haven't seen anything thats caught my eye. I'd like a double-sided gold or silver set with either an intricate pattern/shape or an inlaid stone to add color, but I can't seem to find any double sided cufflinks that are more than just bland oval or bar shapes. Any ideas on where to look, hopefully within my price range? This seller on ebay (check out his auctions with higher starting prices) seems to have some interesting double-sided stuff, but I don't know enough to determine whether it's worthwhile or crap.
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I love antique links. There is a place in New York --- of all places, Macy's. Well, not exactly Macy's, but a little shop affiliated on the mezzaine level that sells antique jewelry and occasionally links (I bet nobody knows about it). They are kind of secretive, but they are quite reasonably priced, from around $120+ on sale. I have links from Duchamp (London), and I like links in checked tone-on-tone like those Louis Vuitton links --- though I don't get links from LV. I also like knots sometimes, as they are easy to match. And they are only £5. Naturlaut
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 Any ideas on where to look, hopefully within my price range?  
For cufflinks that are not ordinary, you might want to try this link for some Celtic designs from Scotland: Scotch Corner
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I have a white-gold wedding band, so i am able to save $$ on cufflinks by getting silver.  hard to find them double-sided (which i try to stick to, they look much better), although Paul Stuart and Ben Silver sometimes have a good selection.  found a pair of silver and gold batons from Thomas Pink, but my favorite are a new pair from Asprey in NYC (great silver stuff there, for reasonable prices, believe it or not.).  silver ovals, one grid-engraved, the other blank for getting your initials.
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Asprey in NYC (great silver stuff there, for reasonable prices, believe it or not.).
Foxx, I wanted to know how much the cufflinks over at Asprey cost. Thanks...
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ah...i want to say they were about $150. i'm fairly sure, because i was so surprised when he told me the price.
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