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While I think some of these matching outfits had to take an enormous amount of coordination...
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good lord.
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Need I say anything else? Jon.
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Hey, hey, hey... just don't think that ALL of Oklahoma is that sartorially inept. Trust me. Maybe not cutting edge, but definitely not all that bad... Kevin P.S. - You gotta love the helicopter hair though...
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Well they look like they sure had fun.
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I think this is the best picture, hands down.  Gucci needs to feature this on their website for their S/S 2005 Collection. **Edit** Picture fixed
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no picture...
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no picture...
Hmmm...its showing up on my computer...anyone else having problems? Anyway, it's the one where everyone has pants, jackets, dresses, shoes, bowties, purses, and headbands made from fake Gucci 'GG' fabric.
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I guess if any of us showed up with classic sartorial in this even we would be 'mis-fit' .. and may get beat up by these 'thugs' .. this is future of USA? ..
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Oh my God. That helicopter coiffure must have taken a long time. And that "Gucci" tableau. I'm surprised there wasn't anything Burberry or Vuitton. One of those girls seemed to want to emulate one of Cher's Oscar ensembles.
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They are wearing LV in one of the other pictures, the one with the three girls apparently on the dance floor.
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For reasons that are obvious...
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