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Budapest - vass

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Hi everyone, I am traveling to Budapest in October and will get some shoes from Vass. I will spend 5 days there - - Do you have any other (shopping) tips for Budapest? - Is there a good tailor in Budapest? - Do you have a recommendation for other things to do? Your help is very much appreciated. Thanks.
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I would recommend the two largest shopping centers in Budapest, Mammut, and WestEnd Centre (which is located right next to one of the two main train stations) The main "exclusive" shopping district is called vaci ucta, which has high end clothiers, it is at the deak ferenc ter stop on the 3 line, or vorosmarty ter on the yellow line. As for things to do, I would recommend going to a turkish bath, they are quite nice, and budapest is famous for them, however, I would stay away from the more touristy spas, such as Gellert, which is very pretty but mediocre when it comes to spa activities. The one I would recommend is for men only, it is called Rudas Fürdõ. You may want to take a day trip to Vienna, which has far superior shopping and is only 3 hours away by train. As I lived there for 6 months I can give you far more advice about the shopping in that city if you choose to visit.
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Concur with the suggestion that you travel to Vienna to shop. Visit Knize, one of the world's half dozen finest tailoring establishments. Will
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When you get measured at Vass, make sure to try on some of their RTW shoes in different lasts. Make a note of which sizes and lasts fit you best. This information will be helpful to the people who are making your shoes, and provide a useful data point in addition to the measurements they take. Have fun.
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Thank you very much for your help. Is there a goof tailor in Budapest?
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My friend informed me that most of the people in Hungary wear RTW brands, I think there are some decent tailors, but again, you will have better success in Vienna, which is only 3 hours away by train.
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Thank you for your reply - I thought that a tailor in Budapest might be much cheaper than a tailor in Vienna?
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In case you need train info I use the A German site for the timetables, no pricing but usefull info just the same. The train from Budapest-Keleti pu to Wien Westbahnhof is 2h45m with no train changes. Hope this help, and have fun in Budapest NP
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I'm sure a tailor in Budapest will be much cheaper than one in Vienna, but then again, I was under the impression that you wanted a good tailor. My understanding is that those interested in high end clothing in Budapest go elsewhere for their tailored clothing.
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I understand (finally) Thank you very much for your help.
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