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diesel viker

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I just picked up a pair of diesel viker jeans. They're my first pair of slim jeans and also the first pair of slim jeans that both fit me and look good. They're pretty much indigo colored with very little distressing. They are hard feeling though. The salespeople said they had been treated with "something", and that it "might" wear out after multiple washings. I might post a pic later, but right now I'm just curious, what is that something, and will it wash out in time?
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Once I take the tags off I can't return these. Is there any unforeseen reason why I might not like these jeans? Is it common for ex-cons to coat their jeans in resin, etc.?
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If YOU are happy with them keep them. I have had a few pairs of diesels over the years and they are of good quality.
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you're right johnny. I'm definitely liking these right now. They might be tight in the thigh, but then again I might be able to stretch an extra inch out after I wash them.
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For those of us who wear non-raw jeans, the Diesel Viker is one of the best looking cuts I've seen out there.
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Too many people are too concerned about what others think. It can be important what they think to an extent but in the end you have to be happy. I think a lot of people lose sight of that when they come to SF and instead of trying to find their own personal style they try to conform to the generally accepted SF style.
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i own Flatead 3001's, Nudie Svens, and at one point have had PBJ 005s, Samurai 505xx, and Studio D'Artisans

i would never be caught in those pieces of shite known as diesel vikers; return that shit immediately

just kidding! i just got some vikers also bc i needed a little break in the rotation from dry jeans. i think the fit is awesome, and the quality of these is up to par with the stuff they put out 3 or 4 years ago. the top block fits me perfectly. diesel has always seems to know how to contour the top block really well. the denim on the ones i have is a bit tougher feeling than what the usual designer denim brand has out there right now too.

hope you enjoy them!
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OP: What wash did you buy? It kind of sounds like 72D. If you need Diesel help, PM me!
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although a little looser from what i prefer, the resin coated vikers look awesome. don't worry, as the jeans get washed that resin coating will slowly start wearing thinner thus making them a bit softer. although the hardness is what attracts me to the jeans in the first place.
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agreed. i do like the understated look of diesel vikers with the resin coating.
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your an ass
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i had them and liked them. in fact, searching for info about them is how i first stumbled onto this site.
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